Why do we need to follow safety rules?

Safety rules are in place to protect the people of our community. They protect all of us. Many safety regulations were implemented because of a condition that led to someone getting seriously injured or killed. OSHA safety rules have prevented countless work-related injuries and deaths.

How can you stay safe at home?

9 Ways to Stay Safe When You Live Alone

  1. Get a security camera. Indoor security camera.
  2. Install motion sensor outdoor lights. Another great way to spook a burglar is to put them under the spotlight.
  3. Upgrade to a smart doorbell. Smart doorbell.
  4. Know your neighbors.
  5. Use smart locks.
  6. Use backup.
  7. Secure the garage.
  8. Mind your landscaping.

How do you stay safe when walking alone?

Top 7 Tips to Stay Safe While Walking Alone

  1. Do Not Take/ Accept Lift from Anyone. Do not take lift from anyone unknown even though they look harmless.
  2. Don’t Wear Headphones or Earphones.
  3. Keep Your Keys Handy.
  4. Walk With Confidence.
  5. Use Well- Lit & Busy Streets.
  6. Use of Woman Safety Devices.

What is the need of electricity?

Electricity is a form of energy and we need it for just about everything! Almost all of our modern conveniences are electrically powered. Electricity is what lights up our classrooms, heats our homes and lets us listen to our favourite music. You are using electricity right now by using your computer to read this.

Why do we need to be safe around electricity?

Electricity has the power to cause burns, shocks and even death. Appliances and power cords can be just as dangerous as electrical power lines if you do not take proper safety precautions. Electricity flows easily through water, and it will travel through your body since your body is made of 70 percent water.

Is electricity a need or want?

Electricity is one of those tricky subjects to tackle, because it is kind of in a limbo state, not really a need but not quite a want. Bare facts- humanity has survived thousands of years without electricity and in large parts of the world today still manages fine without.

How do we promote child safety?

Here are some essential safety tips to keep your child safe from suffocation and strangulation:

  1. Keep stuffed toys, cushions and piles of clothing out of cots and prams.
  2. Wrap blind cords in cleats attached to the wall at least 1.6 m above the floor.
  3. Tie knots in plastic bags, and keep them away from children.

How do you protect yourself as a woman alone?

5 More tips for living alone safely:

  1. Be smart on social media.
  2. Close the curtains!
  3. Use a personal security app.
  4. Use CrimeReports to research crime in your area.
  5. Take a self-defense class.
  6. Make a habit of letting people know when you make it home safely.

How has electricity improved our lives?

Affordable, reliable electricity is fundamental to modern life. Electricity provides clean, safe light around the clock, it cools our homes on hot summer days (and heats many of them in winter), and it quietly breathes life into the digital world we tap into with our smartphones and computers.

How can you stay safe when using electricity?

Electric safety

  1. DON’T plug a bunch of stuff into one outlet or extension cord.
  2. DO make sure all electric cords are tucked out of the way.
  3. DON’T ever play near or on a green transformer box or climb the fence around an electrical substation.
  4. DON’T yank an electrical cord from the wall.

What will happen if we do not follow safety rules?

What will happen if we do not follow the safety rules? We will discover the purpose of each….

  • Traffic fines.
  • Increase chance of an accident.
  • You may be cause for other accident.
  • Your family will suffer if you met with an accident.
  • You are not a good citizen.

Which two things should we not do at home for our safety?

9 Things Every Child Should Know About Safety

  • Use the buddy system. Don’t wait until your child is a tween to teach them there is safety in numbers.
  • Never give out passwords.
  • When in doubt, use the family secret code.
  • Don’t open the door to strangers.
  • Trust your feelings.
  • Never keep “unsafe secrets”
  • Call 911 in an emergency.
  • Beware of identity theft.