Why do we need smartphones?

A smartphone is a need for everyone as it helps users to connect with each other and keep them busy; by browsing websites, playing games, listening to music, watching movies and if somebody is traveling. he/she can check their emails and can work from anywhere.

How would you describe a smartphone?

A smartphone is a handheld electronic device that provides a connection to a cellular network. Smartphones allow people to make phone calls, send text messages, and access the Internet.

Who invented smartphone?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of cell phones?

List of the Disadvantages of Cell Phones

  • Cell phones create a significant distraction for people.
  • New cell phones can be very expensive.
  • It exposes people to the problem of cyberbullying more often.
  • Cell phone technologies can create addictive tendencies in people.

What are the features of smartphones?

The following are some of the other key features of a smartphone:

  • Internet connectivity.
  • A mobile browser.
  • The ability to sync more than one email account to a device.
  • Embedded memory.
  • A hardware or software-based QWERTY keyboard.
  • Wireless synchronization with other devices, such as laptop or desktop computers.

When were mobile phones popular?


What are good things about smartphones?

9 ways smartphones are making our lives better

  • They can detect earthquakes.
  • They give sight to the developing world.
  • They make doctors mobile.
  • They’re always on the scene.
  • They’re changing our brains.
  • They help people cope with illnesses and disabilities.
  • They bring information to the developing world.
  • They save time.

How do smartphones help us?

Besides making phone calls, nearly all smartphones today can natively provide directions through GPS, take pictures, play music and keep track of appointments and contacts. Through the installation of apps, the list of possible smartphone uses multiplies by tens of thousands and grows longer everyday.

What are the disadvantages of using smartphones?

9 Disadvantages of Smartphones in Healthcare

  • Not everyone has a smartphone.
  • Smartphones don’t age well.
  • Smartphones are expensive.
  • Apps often require Internet access.
  • Apps aren’t always available for all smartphones.
  • A lot of healthcare apps aren’t good.
  • Patients have reservations with mHealth.
  • Data privacy and security is a significant concern.

What mean mobile phone?

cellular phone

Who is the father of smartphone?

Andy Rubin

What are benefits of smartphones?


  • Keep your loved ones in touch, either through calls, text or images, .
  • You may know where you are and find easy ways and routes to go anywhere, especially in an unknown place.
  • You can make the world listen to your voice in a touch.
  • You can spend your time wisely reading the news or doing some official work.

Who is the father of mobile in India?

He is considered the “father of the (handheld) cell phone” and is also cited as the first person in history to make a handheld cellular phone call in public….Martin Cooper (inventor)

Martin Cooper
Occupation Inventor entrepreneur executive
Known for First to make mobile phone call

Why it is called cell phone?

They diagrammed a network of wireless towers into what they called a cellular layout. Cellular was the chosen term because each tower and its coverage map looked like a biological cell. Eventually, phones that operated on this type of wireless network were called cellular phones.

Who is the CEO of Android?

How many types of phones are there?

There are now more than 24,000 different Android devices.

What was first smartphone?

HTC Dream

How much phone screen time is healthy?

There is no consensus on the safe amount of screen time for adults. Ideally, adults should limit their screen time similar to children and only use screens for about two hours a day. However, many adults spend up to 11 hours a day looking at a screen.

Do phones cause blindness?

This kind of damage can accelerate macular degeneration, which is one of the top causes of blindness in the world. While retinal does appear to have toxic effects on the eyes, the study does not offer indisputable proof that blue light and smartphone use will actually speed up or lead to blindness.

How many hours should you use your phone?

On average, we spend 3 hours and 15 minutes a day on our phones. Let’s start with the high-level stats. When we looked at the data of 11,000 users who actively use the RescueTime app, we found that most people, on average, spend 3 hours and 15 minutes on our phones.

How many hours a day is phone addiction?

1. A study of 11k RescueTime users found that people spend around 3 hours and 15 minutes a day on phones.

Is it bad to use phone in dark?

This HEV light (High Energy Visible light), may potentially do damage to the more sensitive parts of your eye. During the day or in proper lighted situations the effect is far less, but texting on your phone at night in a dark room for instance, could cause lasting damage.

Can we live without phone?

Eighty four percent of people surveyed in a TIME Mobility Poll said they couldn’t go even one day without their mobile. So, humans can survive for up to three weeks without food, and 3-7 days without water… but most of us can’t handle a day without our phones?

What happens if I use my phone too much?

Overuse of your cell phone or smartphone can result in a number of different physical problems that may cause permanent damage or be difficult to treat, including: Digital eye strain. The pain and discomfort associated with viewing a digital screen for over 2 hours. Eyes begin to burn and itch.

Are cell phones good for you?

Cell phones are the perfect way to stay connected with others and provide the user with a sense of security. In the event of emergency, having a cell phone can allow help to reach you quickly and could possibly save lives.

How many hours did I use my phone today?

Go to Settings → About phone → Status, scroll to bottom and you will be able to see Up time.

Which phone is best for eyes?

The Top 8 Smartphones for Bad Eyesight

Rank Product Pros
1 Galaxy Note 8 Huge HD screen Robust and waterproof Lots of storage
2 Moto G6 Large HD display Plenty of storage Robust
3 iPhone SE Simple and intuitive to use Great voice recognition Plenty of storage
4 Alcatel 3C Big screen Good storage Voice recognition and text sizing