Why did Pono fail?

The most fundamental underlying concept of the Pono player was flawed. The Pono concept, in a nutshell, not only attacked MP3 music as inferior (which it is) but went further and claimed that CDs were not a high quality music source either. Pono offered access to what was claimed to be a better-than-CD music source.

Does Pono exist?

PonoMusic was not a success. By summer 2015, reports suggested the venture was running out of money; at one point, Young even asked a pre-presidential Donald Trump for financial help. Pono effectively shut down in 2016, out of cash and getting it in the neck from critics.

How much is a Pono player?


Pono Player from first release of Kickstarter Back Up
Developer PonoMusic, Ayre Acoustics
Introductory price US$399
Operating system Android 2.3 (API level 10)
System on a chip TI OMAP3630

What is a PonoMusic player?

Pono (/ˈpoʊnoʊ/, Hawaiian word for “proper”) was a portable digital media player and music download service for high-resolution audio. It was developed by musician Neil Young and his company PonoMusic, which raised money for development and initial production through a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter.

Is a Pono player worth it?

The Good. The PonoPlayer is a charming portable music player that offers distinctive looks and excellent better-than-CD sound for the money. The interface is attractive and easy to use, and the player offers compatibility with a wide number of file types, including all manner of audiophile-friendly digital formats.

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