Why did Biff go to Boston?

Biff went to Boston to catch up with his beloved father before his college visit. When he finds his father with another woman, he realizes that Willy is truly a fake, and does not have the great qualities which Biff had formerly believed his father held.

Where did Biff go early that morning?

Where did Biff go early that morning? He went to see Mr. Oliver.

Why did Old Biff die?

In 1986, Biff’s long reign of terror finally came to an end when, in an attempt to visit 1996 in order to obtain future information to help him become President of the United States in 1988, he was instead temporarily sent back by Doc Brown to 1884, where he was murdered by his great-grandfather Buford Tannen upon …

What is Biff’s real name?

Thomas F. Wilson

Why did Linda ask Biff not to come home again?

Expert Answers Linda tells her sons to leave because she wants to defend her husband from the emotional harm she sees looming in a another confrontation with Biff. She wants to save Willy from self-destruction and to keep her sons from leading Willy in that direction. Willy is not in a good state of mind.

Why did Biff stop working for Bill Oliver quizlet?

Why did Biff stop working for Bill Oliver? Biff states that he quit his job but, he wonders if Oliver thinks he stole a carton of basketballs. Biff stole the football from school and Willy advises that he returns it but does nothing to enforce this command.

Where did Willy’s father go?


Why is the watchman chasing Biff?

Why is the watchman chasing Biff? The watchman is chasing Biff because he and Hap – at their father’s request – have tried to steal material from a construction site.

What did Biff steal from Bill Oliver store when he was a boy?

Oliver remembers that he stole a carton of basketballs. After a failed attempt to ask Mr. Oliver for a business loan, Biff steals Mr. Oliver’s fountain pen from his desk.

What do we learn about Willy’s father from Ben?

Ben and Willy’s father abandoned the family when Willy was three or four years old and Ben was seventeen. Ben left home to look for their father in Alaska but never found him. At Willy’s request, Ben tells young Biff and Happy about their grandfather.

How old is Howard in Death of a Salesman?

Howard Wagner The thirty-six year old son of Frank Wagner, Willy Loman’s former boss, Howard now occupies the same position as his late father. Although Willy was the one who named Howard, Howard is forced to fire Willy for his erratic behavior.Il y a 3┬ájours

Why did Biff return home?

Biff explains that he has returned home because he is dissatisfied with his job and future prospects. Because Biff enjoys outdoor labor, working on the farm is ideal; however, Biff is discontent toiling for someone else. Biff dreams of owning his own ranch and working it with Happy.

What does Biff realize about himself?

But when Oliver did not even recognize Biff, he gets the final blow to his ego: He realizes that he has never been Oliver’s partner, but just a shipping clerk in the company. This is the event that directly prompts Biff to declare that all his life had been an illusion.

Where was Biff when they could not reach him?

Willy believes his funeral will be grand and that there will be people there from all over coming to say goodbye. Where was Biff when they could not reach him? Biff stole a suit and was in jail for three months in Kansas City.

What has been Biff’s most recent job?

Biff’s latest job was as a farmhand in Texas. He cannot bear the drudgery and slow advancement involved with jobs such as a salesman and a shipping clerk.

How does Happy try to get his father’s attention?

How does Happy try to attract Willy’s attention? Happy then cuts in trying to get attention but just like always he is ignored. Happy then says he will not let his father die in vain.

Where was Biff and what was he doing there?

Where was Biff and what was he doing there? He was working on ranches out west.

How did Uncle Ben become rich?

Ben is Willy’s adventurous and lucky older brother. Of course, he’s dead, so he only appears in the play as a character in Willy’s troubled imagination. Willy totally idolizes Ben because he was an adventurer who escaped the world of business and got rich quick by finding diamonds in the African jungle.