Why are fictional elements important?

Elements of fiction are the most important things in writing short story. Every element represents difference explanation and interpretation of what is the meanings that author want to deliver to the reader.

How did Anna’s first husband Harry die?

First, during Anna’s act one day long ago, a huge thunderstorm formed, and lightning struck the main tent pole at the circus. The trapeze Harry (her husband) was swinging on fell down, and he plummeted into the crowd and died, along with two others.

What is a dramatic event?

1. dramatic event – an episode that is turbulent or highly emotional. drama. episode – a happening that is distinctive in a series of related events.

What is a dramatic moment?

1 adj A dramatic change or event happens suddenly and is very noticeable and surprising. usu ADJ n (=striking)

What is storytelling conflict?

In literature and film, conflict is a clash between two opposing forces that creates the narrative thread for a story. Conflict occurs when the main character struggles with either an external conflict or an internal conflict. There are six different types of conflict you can use to propel your story: character.

How do you close a story?

9 ways to end your stories

  1. Closing the circle: The ending reminds readers of the beginning by returning to an important place or reintroducing a key character.
  2. The tie-back: The ending connects to some odd or offbeat element earlier in the story.
  3. The time frame: Create a tick-tock structure with time advancing relentlessly.

What is the most dramatic event in the story?

In narratives, the most dramatic event is called the climax. For, it is the point of highest emotional intensity and/or suspense in the plot. Usually, the climax occurs near the end of the narrative.

What is the conflict in the leap?

The conflict in The Leap by Louise Erdrich is in the choice of whose life to save and it appears twice. The narrator is telling the tale of how she came to be. In doing so, she recounts the two occasions on which her mother had to make a choice about whose life/lives to risk and whose to save.

Why does the mother make the leap?

The mother didn’t want to be reminded of what she lost the day of the storm. She lost her child, her husband, and was injured. Her mother then saved her by climbing and leaping from a tree to get to the window of the roof to bring the narrator down from the flaming house.

What is the short story The leap about?

The Leap is about a daughter and her view of her mother. She feels that she owes her existence to three separate “leaps” her mother had taken throughout the course of her life.

What is the most dramatic event in the leap?

The most dramatic event in “The Leap” is the mother’s rescue of the daughter from her burning bedroom. While the leap of Mrs. Avalon under the circus tent is, indeed, dramatic, it is not described with the amount of detail that is present in the daughter’s narration of her own rescue by her mother.