Who wrote the Notre Dame Victory March?

Michael J. Shea
Michael J. Shea, a 1905 graduate, wrote the music and his brother, John F. Shea, who earned degrees in 1906 and 1908, wrote the words. The song was copyrighted in 1908 and a piano version, complete with lyrics, was published that year.

What song does Notre Dame song at the end of a game?

In 1930, the alma mater, “Notre Dame, Our Mother” debuted at halftime of the Notre Dame Stadium dedication game. The song was composed by band director Joseph Casasanta (’23) and the lyrics were written by University President Rev. Charles O’Donnell, C.S.C. (’06).

Who owns the Notre Dame Victory March?

While the song remains copyrighted by the University, the Chorus is now considered part of public domain. As Notre Dame won national championships under Knute Rockne and Frank Leahy, the song became emblematic of conquering challenges from the 1920s through the 1940s in America’s post-Wars years.

What song do they play before kickoff at Notre Dame?

Leading the Fighting Irish The Notre Dame Bagpipe Band’s rendition of “Scotland the Brave” has become Notre Dame’s battle hymn, in a way, as it is the song played to lead in the Fighting Irish as they prepare to take on their opponent of the day.

What is the most recognized college fight song?

Notre Dame Widely regarded as one of—if not the—most recognizable college fight songs, “Victory March” was shoe-in for a spot on this list. Brothers Michael and John Shay, also alums, wrote the Notre Dame anthem. The song was first played on campus on Easter Sunday in 1909, perhaps a nod to the school’s Catholic faith.

What is the history of the Notre Dame victory march?

The University of Notre Dame band, under the direction of Prof. Clarence Peterson, played it as part of its athletic event 10 years later. In 1969, as college football celebrated its centennial, the “Notre Dame Victory March” was honored as the “greatest of all fight songs.”

What is the Notre Dame fight song?

Victory March (fight song) ” Victory March ” is the fight song for the University of Notre Dame. The Rev. Michael J. Shea, a 1905 Notre Dame graduate, wrote the music, and his brother, John F. Shea, who earned degrees from Notre Dame in 1906 and 1908, wrote the original lyrics. The lyrics were revised in the 1920s;

Who owns the copyright to the Notre Dame victory march?

The “Notre Dame Victory March” later was presented by the Shea brothers to the University and it first appeared under the copyright of the University of Notre dame in 1928. The copyright was assigned to the publishing company of Edwin H. Morris and the copyright for the beginning of the song is still in effect.

Why is the victory march called the victories March?

The original lyrics, written when all athletes at Notre Dame were male, refer to ‘sons,’ but in recognition of the fact that the ‘Victory March’ is now played for athletic teams composed of men and women, many modify the words accordingly. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.