Who wrote Incident at Neshabur?

Alberto Gianquinto
Carlos Santana
Incident at Neshabur/Composers

When was Abraxas recorded?

Abraxas is the second studio album by Latin rock band Santana. It was released on September 23, 1970 by Columbia Records and became the band’s first album to reach number one in the United States….Abraxas (album)

Released September 23, 1970
Recorded April 17–May 2, 1970

Who played on Abraxas?

To fully appreciate Abraxas — that is, to believe it’s some portended, almost-mystical force of nature … or at least a longshot to have topped the charts for six weeks back in 1970 — requires a brief look at how the planets aligned for Carlos Santana and the band’s classic lineup: Gregg Rolie (lead vocals, Hammond …

When did Santana Abraxas come out?

September 23, 1970Abraxas / Release date
The result was “Abraxas,” the band’s Page 2 second album, released on September 23, 1970, when Carlos Santana was only 23 years old.

Who is the woman on the Abraxas album cover?

The model for Mary was Klarwein’s girlfriend at the time, who hailed from Guadeloupe, Mexico, and he used himself, wearing a hat and sunglasses, as the model for (maybe) Joseph.

Did Neal Schon play on Black Magic Woman?

Guitarist Carlos Santana was joined by old school Santana members Gregg Rolie (keyboards, lead vocals), Neal Schon (guitar, vocals), Michael Carabello (percussion) and Michael Shrieve (drums) for the show as well as Karl Perazzo (percussion) and Benny Rietveld (bass).

What does the name Abraxas mean?

Meaning of Abraxas: Name Abraxas in the Egyptian origin, means The great chief magistrate or archons, a God from Egyptian mythology. Name Abraxas is of Egyptian origin and is a Boy name. People with name Abraxas are usually Christianity by religion.

Who sang vocals on Santana’s Black Magic Woman?

SantanaBlack Magic Woman / Artist

Who wrote Abraxas?

4 on the Billboard Hot 100, was originally a Fleetwood Mac composition written by Peter Green. In fact, in the years after he quit Fleetwood Mac and had given most of his money away, the royalties from Santana’s version of his song was one of Green’s biggest sources of continued income.

What Santana album is Black Magic Woman on?

AbraxasBlack Magic Woman / Album

What is the meaning of incident at Neshabur?

As Carlos Santana stated, “Neshabur is where the army of Toussaint Louverture – who was a black revolutionary – defeated Napoleon in Haiti. So that’s what it’s about. I think by writing songs like ‘Incident at Neshabur’ and ‘Toussaint L’Overture,’ we felt we were our own kind of revolutionary […]

What is the story behind Neshabur?

Co-written by pianist Alberto Gianquinto and Carlos Santana, the instrumental has several jazz-inspired rhythm and time signature changes. As Carlos Santana stated, “Neshabur is where the army of Toussaint Louverture – who was a black revolutionary – defeated Napoleon in Haiti.

Was there ever a Neshabur in Haiti?

There seems to be no place called Neshabur on Haiti or associated with the Haitian Revolution, nor has there been a single event in which the French army under Napoleon (who was never on Haiti) was defeated by the rebels under Toussaint (who had by then died in a prison cell in France).

What happened to Nishapur?

After the massacre a much smaller settlement was established just north of the ancient town, and the once bustling metropolis lay underground—until a team of excavators from the Metropolitan Museum of Art arrived in the mid-20th century. They worked at Nishapur between 1935 and 1940, returning for a final season in the winter of 1947–48.