Who won the 70 million Lotto Max in Canada?

Dale McEwen from Regina won a $70-million jackpot in the April 1 Lotto Max draw. He bought the ticket in Dunmore, Alta.

Where was the 70 million ticket sold?

TORONTO — After going unclaimed for weeks, the whopping $70 million jackpot in Friday’s Lotto Max draw has been won by a lottery player in the Prairies.

How do you win the Lotto Max jackpot?

Every LOTTO MAX selection on your ticket can be compared to all sets of MAXMILLIONS numbers for that draw. To win or share a MAXMILLIONS prize, you must exactly match all seven numbers on one line of your ticket; there are no subsidiary prizes.

What is the Lotto Max jackpot?

When Max Millions prizes are available, your Lotto Max ticket not only gives you a chance at the $60-million Jackpot but it also gives you a chance to win any of the $1-million Max Millions Draws on the same date! HOW DO I WIN A MAX MILLIONS PRIZE?

How many numbers to win Lotto Max and MaxMillions?

Lotto Max and Maxmillions: Each set of 7 numbers could win the jackpot and any Maxmillions for that draw. Match all seven of your numbers to either the 7 numbers drawn for the Lotto Max Jackpot or the Maxmillions jackpot and win! The Lotto Max jackpot prize and any Maxmillions are carried over to the next draw if not won.

How many numbers did you win in the 2020 Lotto Max draw?

Lotto Max – Draw January 3, 2020 Winning numbers: 8, 18, 20, 24, 31, 37, 39 Supplementary numbers: 34

What are hot and cold numbers in Lotto Max?

Hot numbers which are drawn the most times in the past 10 and 20 draws. Cold numbers which are drawn the least times in the past 10 and 20 draws. * If there is more than one winning ticket, the prize in that category will be shared. Forty-eight per cent of LOTTO MAX draw sales is dedicated to the Prize Fund.