Who was supposed to play Angela in Why Did I Get Married?

Tasha Smith

Who is Tasha Smith mother?

Monique Smith

What is Tasha Smith net worth?

Tasha Smith net worth: Tasha Smith is an American actress who has a net worth of $1.5 million dollars. Tasha Smith was born in Camden, New Jersey, and went through a period of heavy drug use during her late teens and early 20s. She finally kicked the habit when she converted to Christianity in her mid-20s.

What has Tasha directed?

When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story2017

What does Sidra Smith do?


How tall is Tasha Smith?

5′ 7″

Is Tasha Smith married?

Keith Douglasm. 2010–2015

Who is Tasha Smith siblings?

Who did Tayshia marry?

Josh Bourellem. 2016–2017

Is antonique Smith and Tasha Smith related?

Smith said she agreed to do the movie before reading the script knowing she would work alongside Tasha Smith, joking that the two are related. The talented singer also stars in the movie Deuces with Meagan Good and Larenz Tate.

What movies was Sidra Smith in?

A Luv Tale1999

Why did I get married Gavin died?

One of the worst endings ever, Patricia humiliates Gavin at work for him taking all of her money. Gavin gets injured in a car crash, and he dies.

Is Tasha Smith sister an actress?

Sidra Smith

Does Tasha Smith have a child?

And even though she doesn’t have any biological kids, Smith is a mother to her husband’s five kids. She doesn’t call them stepchildren, but “bonus kids.” And unlike her character Angela on For Better or Worse, she doesn’t have any baby-mama drama.

Is Tasha Smith dating Michael K Williams?

Actors Tasha Smith and Michael K. Williams are boo’d up. The “Why Did I Get Married” star revealed that she is in a romantic relationship with “The Wire” actor as she made their relationship Instagram official.

How old is Sidra Smith?

50 years (February 28, 1971)

Is Tasha a black name?

The race and Hispanic origin distribution of the people with the name TASHA is 70.1% White, 5.6% Hispanic origin, 20.3% Black, 1.5% Asian or Pacific Islander, 1.7% Two or More Races, and 0.8% American Indian or Alaskan Native.

Is there a sequel to Why Did I Get Married?

Why Did I Get Married Too?

Where is Tasha Smith from?

Camden, NJ

How old is Tasha Smith?