Who raped Carl in Walking Dead?

Dan, a member of the Claimers, attempts to rape Carl. Joe also tells Rick that the group will rape Michonne as revenge for Rick killing one of their members.

What episode of Walking Dead does Carl eat pudding?

Carl eating all the pudding (season 4, episode 9)

Did Carl on Walking Dead get raped?

In the comics his attackers pull his pants off so it could be that was the intent here as the shows creators have said they originally filmed the scene to be more inline with the comics. So no he wasn’t raped, in all likelihood he was sexually assaulted in some manner though.

Did Carl get shot in the stomach?

There was some fun zombie action during the assault on the school, and we got a wince inducing surgery scene as the doctor pulled out a fragment of bullet from Carl’s stomach, but in between this was a lot of talking, and little of it served much purpose beyond filling time.

What was Carl eating?

‘Walking Dead’ fans have had enough of Carl and his vat of pudding.

What episode does Carl get shot by Otis?

“What Lies Ahead” During a hunt, Otis sees a deer and shoots it without realizing that behind it was Carl Grimes. The bullet passes right through the deer into Carl.

What was Carl eating on the roof?

All Walking Dead fans remember the season 4 scene when Carl Grimes sits himself on the roof a house and eats a huge can of chocolate pudding.

Who does Carl lose his virginity to?

Carl loses his virginity to Dominique, once she comes onto him.

What episode does Carl get shot in walking dead?

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 01 Carl Gets Shot.

Why does Shane shoot Otis?

He claims that Otis sacrificed himself in order to save Carl. The episode flashes back to show Shane sacrificed Otis by shooting him in the leg and leaving him as bait for the walkers while he escaped with the medicine.