Who is the woman that sings in Mushroomhead?

Ms. Jackie Jaqueline La Ponza
This is a list of members of the metal band Mushroomhead….Former.

Stage Name Ms. Jackie
Real Name Jaqueline La Ponza
Years active 2013-2014(studio) 2014-2019(touring) 2019–2021 (official)
Instruments clean vocals
Other Bands Unsaid Fate

Who are the original members of Mushroomhead?

Website mushroomhead.com
Members Steve Felton Rick Thomas Ryan Farrell Robbie Godsey Jason Popson Steve Rauckhorst Tommy Shaffner
Past members Tommy Church Jeffrey Hatrix John Sekula Richie Moore Marko Vukcevich Dave Felton Joe Kilcoyne Jack Kilcoyne Joe Lenkey Daniel Fox Waylon Reavis Tom Schmitz Jackie LaPonza

Why did Jason Popson leave Mushroomhead?

Jason Popson: “Well, the reason I left actually had very little to do with the band. It was mostly personal stuff. My father got really sick, I started a company and they wanted to do a long tour that I just couldn’t do at the time.

Who is the new singer for Mushroomhead?

Now the band has debut vocalist Steve Rauckhorst (Pitch Black Forest) and their new guitarist is Tommy “Tankx” Shaffner (VentanA). Whether or not this will propel Mushroomhead back into the spotlight they haven’t had in quite some time is up in the air, but we wish the new lineup all the best.

Is Jeff Hatrix still with Mushroomhead?

Mushroomhead vocalist and co-founder Jeff Hatrix, aka Jeffrey Nothing, has left the band according to online reports. Blabbermouth have printed a statement from the singer where he says he’s leaving the Cleveland outfit with a “heavy heart.”

Who died from Mushroomhead?

Former MUSHROOMHEAD guitarist and founding member John E. Sekula (a.k.a. JJ Righteous) passed away on Thursday, October 28 at the age of 41. Sekula played guitar on MUSHROOMHEAD’s first three albums — 1995’s “Mushroomhead”, 1996’s “Superbuick” and 1999’s “M3”.

Who is popson?

Jason Jonathan Popson (born November 2, 1971) is an American vocalist and rapper for the band Mushroomhead taking the stage name J Mann….Jason Popson.

Jason “J Mann” Popson
Years active 1990–present
Labels Fractured Transmitter