Who is the visual of UP10TION?


Name Position(s)
Jinhoo (진후) Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Lee Jin Hyuk (이진혁; formerly Wei) Main Rapper
Wooshin (우신; also known by his full name) Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group

Who is the most popular member of UP10TION?

Hwanhee facts: – He is known as the most popular member.

Does UP10TION disband?

The group subsequently disbanded due to the Mnet vote manipulation investigation. On August 22, Up10tion released The Moment of Illusion with the lead single “Your Gravity”, which was promoted without Wooseok and Jinhyuk.

Is Wooseok still a member of UP10TION?

He debuted as a member of South Korean band Up10tion in 2015. In 2019, he rose to prominence after finishing second on Produce X 101, which made him a member of X1….Kim Woo-seok (singer)

Kim Woo-seok
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2015–present
Labels TOP Media
Associated acts Up10tion X1

What are UP10TION fans called?

The boys have just announced the name of their official fan club! The members took to a brief video to bring everyone the good news, where leader Jinhoo shared that UP10TION fans can now call themselves HONEY10!

Who is the main vocalist in seventeen?

Joshua HongSince 2015
WooziSince 2015
Seventeen/Lead singers

Is Jinhyuk and Wooseok leave UP10TION?

They are on an unofficial hiatus from the group so to speak, and it’s frustrating because TOP Media didn’t announce it in the first place. They announced Jinhyuk’s hiatus from the group after PDX101, but not Wooseok after came back from X1.

Who left UP10TION?

UP10TION members Kim Woo Seok and Lee Jin Hyuk are currently focussing on their solo promotions for the time being, while the group’s leader Jinhoo has been on hiatus from promotions since earlier this year in April, due to health issues.

How tall is Kim Wooseok?

5′ 8″Kim Woo Seok / Height

What is SF9 fandom name?

After having a fan poll to determine their fan club name, SF9 announced that their official fan club name is “Fantasy” before explaining that the name represents the fulfillment of hopes and dreams.

What are Kard fans called?

Hidden KARD
After making their much-anticipated official debut, KARD has now announced their fan club name! During the showcase for their first mini album “Hola Hola” on July 19, KARD revealed that their fan club name is “Hidden KARD.”

When did Woozi join pledis?

#Wonwoo: I went to the audition to gain experience and somehow passed. Joined 2011 Nov Was very shy of strangers, a pledis staff didn’t even know his name for 2 years. #Woozi: I’ve been learning classical music since I was a kid. I could also play clarinet & band instruments & was very interested in singing.