Who is the top artist in Jamaica now?

In fact, Vybz Kartel is the most played artists in Jamaica, but listed as #1 artist with the most views on YouTube in 2021 is the “Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes” channel….Most Streamed Jamaican Artists On YouTube in Jamaica 2021.

1. VYBZ KARTEL 64,3 Million
2. CHRONIC LAW 63,8 Million
3. ALKALINE 60,7 Million
4. SKILLIBENG 52,3 Million
5. INTENCE 50,3 Million

Who is the most popular female dancehall artist in Jamaica?

Top 15 Greatest Female Dancehall Artistes Of All Time

  1. Lady Saw. Sitting at the top of our list is an artiste that dominated dancehall for at least two decades.
  2. Spice.
  3. Lady G.
  4. Sister Nancy.
  5. Tanya Stephens.
  6. Macka Diamond.
  7. Patra.
  8. Shenseea.

Who is the dancehall artist of the year 2021?

During our research we found a few inconsistencies. Here are two examples: The chart of the Reggae singer Luciano contains uploads of the German rapper Luciano….Most Streamed Reggae & Dancehall Artists On YouTube 2021.

1. 5.
SEAN PAUL (Jamaica) VYBZ KARTEL (Jamaica)
1,13 Billion 416 Million
+ 60,0 Million – 5,0 Million

Who is the current reggae king?

Bob Marley
Bob Marley was born Feb. 6, 1945, in northern Jamaica. He and his mother moved to the slums of Kingston when he was 8. As a high school student he studied welding, but quit school at 17 to become a musician.

Who is the biggest female artist in Jamaica?

–Marcia Griffiths’ is Jamaican music most successful female singer and most consistent hit maker. Five decade of being an international star the world stage, she remains the most enduring presence in Jamaican music.