Who is the richest family in Riverdale?

Hiram is also the richest man in Riverdale (in fact, according to one story, the Lodges founded it). Bob Montana, creator of the original Archie characters, knew the Lodges, a Massachusetts Brahmin political family because he painted a mural for them.

How was Odysseus tested?

Recognized at first only by his faithful dog and a nurse, Odysseus proves his identity—with the aid of Athena—by accomplishing Penelope’s test of stringing and shooting with his old bow. He then, with the help of Telemachus and two slaves, slays Penelope’s suitors.

Why does Penelope blossom wear a glove?

Some fans have pointed out that since Penelope’s body and face were so badly burned in the house fire, it seems unlikely she would have healed so quickly and smoothly. On the show, the only evidence she was ever burned is the black glove she now wears to cover the scars on one of her arms….

Who is Cheryl Blossom dating in real life?

Toni Topaz

Does Cheryl Blossom die?

Jason Blossom, twin brother to queen bee, Cheryl Blossom, was killed by his own dad, Clifford Blossom after learning of his dad’s drug-trafficking business. Jason was against the family business and attempted to run away with his pregnant girlfriend, Polly….

How does Penelope test Odysseus quizlet?

She tests him by mentioning that their bed could be moved from their room. However Odysseus answers giving detail as to how he made the bed and why it can’t be moved (Olive tree). Then she knows it is really him. Penelope says (pg.

How does Penelope test Odysseus in Book 19?

Penelope tests him by asking specific questions about the clothing and comrades of Odysseus. The beggar/Odysseus has impressive answers, citing a purple woolen cape and a gold clasp with a hound clenching a fawn. He mentions Odysseus’ herald, Eurybates.

Why does Cheryl hate Betty?

After her brother’s death, Cheryl started to despise Betty and continuously humiliate her whenever she got a chance. During the previous school year, Betty tried out for the cheer squad, but was rejected by Cheryl who claimed Betty was too fat.

Why did Cheryl Blossom burn the house?

Penelope and Cheryl’s relationship devolved further after learning that Jason was killed by their father, and Cheryl decided to burn down Thornhill due to it bearing too many bad memories.

Does Betty kill her dad?

In season two Betty discovered her dad had been the masked villain all along and despite being sent to prison, he soon managed to escape. After shooting him but ensuring it would not be fatal, Penelope took charge and instead shot him in the head herself leaving Betty in complete shock….

How is Betty and Cheryl related?

There had been a feud between the Coopers and the Blossoms for years as Betty and Polly’s great-grandfather had been murdered by Cheryl and Jason’s great-grandfather. But the pair weren’t just simply rivals, they were actually brothers. This means Polly and Jason were third cousins and so are Betty and Cheryl….

Did FP really kill Jason?

Jason Blossom’s killer was officially revealed during the penultimate hour of Riverdale. After being arrested, F.P. (Skeet Ulrich) actually confessed to killing Jason (Trevor Stines), first helping him run away from his family, but subsequently taking the kid hostage for ransom, shooting Jason when he tried to escape….

Did Clifford blossom kill Jason?

Clifford Blossom was revealed to have been Jason’s killer, and Mustang as his captor. The motive was that Clifford had been in the drug business and he wanted Jason to inherit it, but Jason wanted nothing to do with it. Clifford killed Jason to stop him from exposing the family business.

Did Penelope blossom kill Clifford?

Penelope Blossom After it was revealed that Clifford was actually the one responsible for the death of their son and that he had merely framed FP, Penelope finally snapped and murdered Clifford with pufferfish venom, staging it as a suicide.

Is Chic really Betty’s brother?

Last Appearance. Chic is a recurring character on The CW’s Riverdale. He is portrayed by Hart Denton. Chic was initially believed to be the eldest child and only son of Alice Cooper, as well as the older half-brother of Betty and Polly Cooper.

Is FBI Charles really Betty’s brother?

Ever since Betty and Jughead’s half-brother Charles showed up in Riverdale’s Season 3 finale, he’s been a big question mark. After the existence of Alice Cooper and F.P….

What reason does Penelope give Odysseus for having tested him in this way?

What reason does Penelope give Odysseus for have tested him? She blames the gods for taking Odysseus and she doesn’t trust them.

Why does Cheryl hate Polly?

The relationship between Cheryl Blossom and Polly Cooper, started out as a rivalry between the two due to Cheryl blaming Polly for being the cause of Jason’s death.

Who is Betty’s real brother?

Charles Smith

Does Betty set her house on fire?

Betty Sets Her House On Fire So, when Alice announces she did manage to sell the Murder House On Elm Street, Betty responds in kind by setting it on fire.