Who is the guy in the Trivago commercial?

Actor Tim Williams appears in a commercial for Trivago. From there his star rose swiftly. The following year, Rolling Stone Magazine published a feature story about Williams, “What’s the Deal with the Trivago Guy?

What happened to Trivago’s TV ads?

And now the Trivago men and women around the world, the actors who saturated TV and pitched the company’s wares, have been dispatched to parts unknown, and retired from Trivago’s TV commercial lineup.

Why is there no Trivago guy in the spot?

Notice there is no central Trivago Guy or Ms. Trivago actor in the spot. Instead, a young kid explains that the best time of his life occurred because he met Lisa. Ditto for her because she met Ben. You see them sprinting through a field together almost like innocent children.


Surprisingly, the Houston native lives in Germany. Travel site Trivago once had a rather handsome spokesperson at the helm. Tim Williams was the face of the brand, but he’s faded from television sets in recent years.

Who are the actors in the new Trivago commercial?

Timothy Leigh Williams (born August 16, 1966) is an American actor who is best known for his appearances in advertisements for the hotel website Trivago and his roles on German television and in German film, including the German series Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten in the 2010s.

Did the Trivago guy lose his job?

He now no longer does work for Priceline.com. Actress Gabrielle Miller, who was born in Australia, premiered on U.S. TV in a few Trivago commercials at the beginning of April.

What happened to the Trivago Guy 2018?

Timothy Williams, best known as the pitchman for travel site “Trivago,” was arrested this week after Houston police say they found him passed out behind the wheel of a car in traffic. “He was passed out with his foot on the brake in a moving lane of traffic,” said Houston Police spokeswoman Jodi Silva.

Did the Trivago Guy go to jail?

According to KPRC-TV, the 52-year-old Houston native failed a field sobriety test and submitted to a blood draw to test for booze. Williams was also ordered to have a mental health evaluation and was later released from a county jail on a $100 bond.

Who is the woman in the Trivago commercial?

Gabrielle Miller
You’ve no doubt seen this familiar face on your television screens. The trivago girl is Aussie-born actor and musician, Gabrielle Miller, and there’s more to her than meets the eye.

Who is the owner of Trivago India?


Type Public
Owner Expedia Group
Number of employees 800 (2022)
Subsidiaries Base7booking Rheinfabrik TripHappy
Website www.trivago.com