Who is prerana Sarja?

Prerana Shankar is a well-known business professional and science researcher from the technology capital of India, Bangalore….Prerana Shankar Wiki/Biography.

Full Name Prerana Shankar
Birth Place Bangalore
Profession Science Researcher
Famous For Wife of Dhruva Sarja
Nationality Indian

Is Pogaru a remake?

The film was planned as a Kannada and Telugu bilingual film, but the Telugu version was later dropped and a dubbed version was released in both Tamil and Telugu. The film’s Tamil dubbed version is titled as Semma Thimiru….

Release date February 19, 2021
Running time 160 minutes
Country India
Language Kannada

Which is the next film of Dhruva Sarja?


Year Title Notes
2017 Bharjari
2018 Prema Baraha Special appearance in “Jai Hanumantha” song
2021 Pogaru
2022 Martin Filming

What is the salary of Dhruva Sarja?

In the media it was reported that remuneration of Dhruva Sarja after ‘Bharjari’ success is Rs. 6 crores. He has three consecutive wins earning more than Rs. 100 crores.

What is the age of Chiru Sarja?

35 years (1984–2020)Chiranjeevi Sarja / Age at death

Is Pogaru a hit or flop?

Pogaru shooter in two languages (Kannada and Telegu), after dubbed in Tamil. Audience Response: The film received decent response from the audience….Pogaru Hit or Flop.

Budget ₹ 35.00 Cr
Final Verdict Average

Is Pogaru a hit?

Box Office India Net Collection : 38.97cr. Kannada Box Office Collection Net : 34.29cr. Telugu Box Office Collection Net : 4.68cr.

Which is the last movie of Chiranjeevi Sarja?

Three of Sarja’s films were released in 2020; Shivarjuna turned out to be his last appearance before his death.

How much does Darshan charge for a movie?

between Rs 4 and 5 crore
After years of struggle and hardship, he came to be known as the Challenging Star of Sandalwood. According to Times of India, Darshan charges anywhere between Rs 4 and 5 crore per film of his.