Who is juicy Nicola Gobbo?

Nicola Maree Gobbo, sometimes known as Nikki Gobbo, (born 16 November 1972) is an Australian former criminal defence barrister and police informant….

Nicola Gobbo
Other names Lawyer X, Informer 3838
Alma mater University of Melbourne
Occupation Lawyer
Known for Barrister in criminal defence litigation

Is Nicola Gobbo in hiding?

Ms Gobbo has been in hiding since December 2018 when the High Court forced Victoria Police to publicly disclose her work as an informer after it ruled that concerns about her safety were outweighed by the potential damage that had been done to her former clients and the Australian justice system.

How did Nicola Gobbo get found out?

After clearing Customs, Ms Gobbo said she and her children were escorted by Queensland Police to the New South Wales border, where she was then met by New South Wales police. Her lawyer, Tim Tobin SC, met his client and her children at the NSW border town of Albury to drive them across the border into Victoria.

Is Nicola Gobbo still a lawyer?

Though Ms Gobbo has not held a practising certificate since 2014, she has remained on the Supreme Court bar roll despite court proceedings and a royal commission into her formerly secret role as Informer 3838, the police source who gave up her own underworld clients.

Who are the Gobbo family?

Sir James was farewelled by his wife of 64 years Lady Shirley Gobbo, their five children Jeremy, Flavia, Olivia, Daniela and James, grandchildren and extended relatives and friends.

Is informer 3838 a true story?

The first episode of Nine’s Informer 3838 was almost completely true to the story, from a raid on Ms Gobbo’s house, to the murder of the Hodsons and even the christening. Then the second episode was littered with creative license, albeit mostly true to the story.

How much was Nicola Gobbo paid?

Ms Gobbo, who was earning up to $300,000 a year as a barrister and once owned a lucrative carwash business, received a $2.88 million compensation payment from Victoria Police to settle a lawsuit in 2010 over her alleged mistreatment by the force.

Which law firm did Nicola Gobbo work for?

Meeting Carl Williams and Tony Mokbel After about a year, Ms Gobbo left Mr Lewenberg’s firm and became one of the youngest women to pass the bar in Victoria. She started to attract big-name criminal clients like Melbourne gangland bosses Carl Williams and Tony Mokbel, representing them at bail hearings.

Where is Paul Dale now?

Paul Dale was a police officer in Victoria Police, serving in the Homicide Unit and Major Drug Investigative Division. He now lives in country Victoria.

What does Gobbo mean?

Gobbo is an Italian surname meaning “hunchback”.

Who is the governor of Melbourne?

The Honourable Linda Dessau AC is the 29th Governor of Victoria and the first female in the role.

Who leaked informer 3838?

Ms Gobbo was registered a second time in 1999, the year after she became a barrister, because she was supplying information about another lawyer who she claimed was laundering money. But it’s her third registration from 2005 to 2010, when she became Informer 3838, that’s at the heart of this controversy.