Who is in the new Guinness advert?

star Barry Keoghan
BELFAST’S Duke of York pub has provided the setting for new Guinness ad staring Irish film star Barry Keoghan.

Where is the Guinness advert filmed?

Filmed in the famous Duke of York pub in Belfast, which reopened last month, the advert is part of the Guinness “Every Moment Counts” campaign put together to promote safe socialising in the era of Covid-19.

What happened to Arthur Guinness Day?

After five years, Guinness have scrapped Arthur’s Day in favour of Guinness Amplify; a new music programme to support emerging Irish artists. Arthur’s Day was established in 2009 to celebrate Guinness’s 250th anniversary but according to Marketing Director of Guinness Stephen O’Kelly the celebration had run its course.

What is Guinness Day?

http://www.guinness.com/en-ie/arthursday/ Arthur’s Day was an annual series of music events worldwide, originally organised by Diageo in 2009 to promote the 250th anniversary of its Guinness brewing company. It was named after the founder of Guinness brewing, Arthur Guinness.

Who are the singers on the Guinness advert?

The music in this 2021 to 2022 Guinness advert is a cover of the song ‘Always On My Mind’ that’s performed by the English singer-songwriter and musician Jack Savoretti.

What’s the new Guinness advert about?

Ahead of the highly anticipated start of the re-opening of pubs and bars across Ireland for outdoor service in early June, Guinness has launched a new ad campaign created by AMV BBDO. According to the brewer, the campaign ‘celebrates the joyful anticipation experienced before that first sip of Guinness. ‘

How old is the Guinness ad?

It was the final part of the “Guinness Time” advertising campaign, which had been running in Ireland since the late 1980s….Anticipation (advertisement)

The poster advertisement for the Anticipation campaign
Agency Arks Ltd.
Product Guinness draught stout
Release date(s) 18 May 1994 (IRE) 1995 (UK)

When was the Guinness Christmas ad made?

December 2004
I am of course referring to the now iconic Guinness White Christmas ad which first appeared on our screens in December 2004.

What football player is on the Guinness commercial?

Joe Montana
Football fans and athletes have come a long way together and Joe Montana hopes that this road rises, the wind stays at your back and the sun shines warm upon your face.

Who is the choir on the Guinness advert?