Who has won the most football national championships?

Yale sits atop the list for the most college football championships. Here’s a list of the top 10 college football teams with six or more championships.

  • Yale University, 18.
  • University of Alabama, 15 (tie)
  • Princeton University, 15 (tie)
  • University of Notre Dame, 13.
  • University of Michigan, 9.
  • Southern California, 9.

Who has won multiple national championships?

There have been 15 schools that have won multiple national titles, led by UCLA with 11 titles. Here is the complete list of schools that have won the most national championships, listed in order of the number of titles, then alphabetically.

What state has the most national championships?

Here are the states with the five highest national championship totals.

  • 1. California. Total championships: 15. Number of schools that have won a championship: 4.
  • North Carolina. Total championships: 13. Number of schools that have won a championship: 3.
  • Kentucky. Total championships: 10*
  • Indiana. Total championships: 5.

Which college has the most Heisman Trophy winners?

Schools with the most Heisman winners:

  • Ohio State: 7.
  • Oklahoma: 7.
  • Notre Dame: 7.
  • USC: 6.
  • Army: 3.
  • Auburn: 3.
  • Florida: 3.
  • Florida State: 3.

What is unclaimed national title?

Unclaimed National Championships are teams that have been named a National Champion by the various polls and so forth throughout the history of college football but the school itself does not claim it in the schools record book.

What college football teams have won the most national championships?

Notre Dame,eight. The Fighting Irish are in a national championship drought,last winning in 1988.

  • Ohio State,eight.
  • Oklahoma,eight.
  • USC,seven.
  • Miami (FL),five.
  • Nebraska,five.
  • Minnesota,four.
  • Texas,four.
  • Clemson,three.
  • Florida,three.
  • Which college football coach has won the most national championships?

    – Princeton University, 15 (tie) – University of Notre Dame, 13 – University of Michigan, 9 – Southern California, 9 – Harvard University, 8 (tie) – Ohio State University, 8 (tie) – University of Minnesota, 6 – AS USA: join our Facebook club

    How many national championships has Lou Holtz won?

    Knute Rockne 6

  • Frank Leahy 5
  • Ara Parseghian 5
  • Lou Holtz 3
  • Dan Devine 1
  • Elmer Layden 1
  • How many national championships have Texas an and M won?

    Texas A&M football claims three national titles and 18 conference titles. The team plays all home games at the newly redeveloped Kyle Field, a 102,733-person capacity outdoor stadium on the university campus. Jimbo Fisher is the team’s head coach. Texas A&M first fielded a football team in 1894, under the direction of head coach F. Dudley Perkins.