Who does Laxus have a crush on?

8 Laxus & Mirajane Are Rumored To Be A Couple They give each other words of encouragement and cheer each other on in their goals. At the end of the series, Lucy remarks that Laxus has many rumors surrounding him, including one that says he has a romantic relationship with Mirajane.

Who is Juvia in love with?

Gray Fullbuster
Gruvia (グレジュビ Gurejubi) is a canon pairing between Fairy Tail Mages, Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser. They have mutual romantic feelings.

Is Laxus stronger than gray?

Gray can’t handle Laxus’ sheer strength or durability up close, and even if that fails Laxus somehow, he’s got Fairy Law as an emergency option, while Gray does not.

What is Juvia magic?

Breathing Underwater: Juvia has the ability to breathe underwater, as seen during the infiltration of the Tower of Heaven with Natsu, Gray and Lucy.

Does gray like Juvia?

Thankfully, by the end of the series, the confirmation came for the pair, Gray finally admitting his true feelings to Juvia, saying that she was his. Given how much Juvia had been by his side, it was about time that he manned up and admitted her liked her too.

Who’s stronger Laxus or Natsu?

6 Stronger Than Him: Natsu Dragneel At the beginning of the series, Laxus was most certainly more powerful than Natsu was, but that changed slowly over time. Natsu learned new magic at a faster rate than Laxus, and he has the benefit of being the one and only E.N.D. (Etherious Natsu Dragneel).

What is juvia Lockser birthday?

July 7
*actual date of birth not established….13 Fairy Tail Character Chart.

Character Name Juvia Lockser
Age 17
Birthday July 7, X767
Height 5′ 5″

Does freed like laxus?

Freed and Laxus’ relationship has always been rather different from the moment they were properly introduced into the series. During the Battle of Fairy Tail, Freed said he would follow Laxus, even if it meant following him to the pits of hell. To Freed, Laxus was his only comrade.