Who did Mariah Carey sing with?

Mariah Carey
Genres R&B soul hip hop pop
Labels Columbia Crave Virgin MonarC Island Def Jam Epic Legacy Butterfly MC RCA Records UK MARIAH
Associated acts Busta Rhymes Brenda K. Starr Jay-Z Jermaine Dupri Walter Afanasieff Whitney Houston
Website mariahcarey.com

Who was Mariah Carey a backup singer for?

Brenda K. Starr
Mariah Carey sang backing vocals for Brenda K. Starr, Sheryl Crow toured with Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston started working as a backup vocalist when she was just 14 years old.

Does Mariah Carey have 7 octaves?

Mariah Carey has a five-octave vocal range, spanning approximately F2 – G#5 – G#7. How many octaves can Mariah Carey sing? Mariah Carey has a five-octave vocal range, spanning approximately F2 – G#5 – G#7.

What song did JLO take from Mariah?

Most of us probably know the story of Loverboy and I’m Real by now. Mariah planned on sampling a song called Firecracker for Loverboy, but J. Lo’s I’m Real came out first and also used the Firecracker sample. This led Mariah to change the sample, which she discusses in her memoir.

Was Mariah born rich?

Shew as born in Huntington New York in 1969 and when she was very young, her parents transitioned through a painful divorce. She was raised by her single mother, who instantly recognized her talent and invested in vocal training to ensure it was cultivated. She wasn’t born wealthy, but she sure is now.

How did Mariah Carey learn to sing?

She stunned her mother by imitating her operatic singing as early as age two, and was given singing lessons starting at age four. Eventually, Carey would develop a voice that spanned five octaves.

Does Trey Lorenz still sing with Mariah Carey?

Lorenz is best known for his duet with recording artist Mariah Carey on “I’ll Be There”, a cover of the 1970 number-one Jackson 5 recording of the same name….

Trey Lorenz
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, composer, record producer
Years active 1988–present
Labels MonarC, Island
Associated acts Mariah Carey, Basia

What song did Mariah Carey steal?

If you’ve been wondering why Mariah Carey’s new single, Fantasy, has a familiar ring, it’s because it’s sampled from 1982’s Genius of Love, the one and only hit for the ’80s group, Tom Tom Club. TTC, you may remember, was the side project formed by Talking Heads’ principals Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz.

Who did Mariah say she didn’t know?

But, the most iconic — and enduring — shade of all time was when Carey claimed she didn’t know Jennifer Lopez. The unforgettable moment took place in the early 2000s when paparazzi asked the “Always Be My Baby” hitmaker what she thought of the Maid in Manhattan actor.

Is Mariah Carey a good singer?

Actually Mariah Carey is the best singer of all time among all male/female singers and bands. Mariah was the best singer from the beginning of her career. ~ Her voice range is 5 octaves. It is really rare, and her high, mid and low ranges are all sound great and beautiful. ~ She has 19 number one hits of Billboard Hot 100.

Is Mariah Carey the best singer ever?

Mariah Carey is one of the best singer-songwriters of all time. As a vocalist, there is no one like her. Her voice hasn’t just inspired a few along the way — it’s inspired generations of artists. Most people know her hits (how could you not?), but not everyone knows just how many flawless, powerful, and moving performances she has.

Is Mariah Carey going to quit singing?

“ Mariah would love to return every year and make it a holiday tradition,” adds a pal. “If her holiday hit can be back at No. 1 after more than two-and-a-half decades after its release and close out the year at the top of the charts, then Mariah can play Times Square again.”

Did Mariah Carey really write all her own songs?

Mariah Carey ’s reign as the “Queen of Christmas” began way back in 1994 with the release of her now-classic holiday hit, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Every year since its initial release, the tune has managed to find its way back onto radio and climb the music charts as fans revel in its Yuletide charm.