Who are the Guajira Indians?

Goajiro, Indian people of La Guajira Peninsula in northern Colombia and adjacent Venezuela. Numbering about 199,000 in the early 21st century, they speak an Arawakan language and are linguistically and culturally distinct from their neighbours to the south, the Arhuaco.

Where are the Wayuu people from?

northern Colombia
The Wayuu, the indigenous people of northern Colombia and Venezuela, have a saying molded by the centuries of hardship they have endured: It is only from strong sunlight and harsh rains, that a seed can sprout.

Where is Guajira from?

It occupies most of the Guajira Peninsula in the northeast region of the country, on the Caribbean Sea and bordering Venezuela, at the northernmost tip of South America. The capital city of the department is Riohacha….Demographics.

Municipality Population Percentage
Fonseca 22,220 3.6%

What is the Wayuu tribe known for?

The tribe produces millions of high-quality artisan products every year. This artisan weaving industry plays a vital role in the local economy, and the people are known most for the mochila Wayuu or Wayuu Bag. Today, Wayuu bags are the most exported handicraft in all of Colombia.

What do Wayuu men do?

The Wayuu men participate as well; they make the straps, straw hats, blankets, and shoes, and provide the materials, and transport the goods to the city centers. Most of the women presently weave or will do it at some point through their lifetime.

What is La Guajira known for?

Few visitors realize La Guajira is one of the world’s top destinations for kite-surfing, thanks to Cabo de la Vela’s hidden coves and year-round winds. Kite surfers use large kites to harness the power of the wind and propel themselves across the water.

What do the Wayuu eat?

5. The Wayuu Eat Mostly Pescatarian Diets With Occasional Goat. Any place you go to will involve some new food you have to try. Eating what others eat can help one to understand how someone else lives.

What do the Wayuu tribe eat?

Saawa in its various forms is associated with a traditional way of eating produce from the Wayuu food heritage, such as beans, maize, squash seeds, cannonball fruit, various cactus seeds and the jampirai fish.