Which subject is best for CSIR NET?

Answer. For the subject point of view, CSIR NET is best for Chemistry. CSIR conducts exam for the physcal sciences, mathematical sciences, Chemical sciences , life sciences.

Which book is best for CSIR NET general aptitude?

CSIR NET General Aptitude: Best Books

  • CSIR UGC NET PAPER I by Arihant Publication.
  • General Aptitude Theory and Practice by Ram Pandey.
  • CSIR NET General Aptitude – A New Outlook by Christy Varghese.

Is self study enough for CSIR NET?

For me, self-study is enough for CSIR, you should not rely on coaching as there is no guarantee they will cover the syllabus or not, apart from that you have to manage time for commuting as well. I prefer self-study with consistent efforts and Quality CSIR NET Study Material. Covering important topics on priority.

Can I give CSIR NET in any subject?

Candidates can select any subject from the list of 101 subjects. On the other hand, CSIR NET Subjects are constrained to 5 only which include science-related subjects like physics, chemistry, and more.

How many attempts CSIR NET?

There is no limitation on number of attempt for the CSIR UGC NET exam. You can appear for the exam as many time as you want. To apply for the CSIR NET exam, you have to fulfill eligibility criteria of the exam.

How can I prepare for CSIR NET general aptitude?

CSIR NET General Aptitude plays an important role to qualify for the exam as it contains 30 marks out of 200….

CSIR NET General Aptitude Preparation Plan
Day 1 Time and Work + Time and Distance
Day 13 Sequence & Series
Day 14 Data Interpretation + Puzzles
Day 15 Data Interpretation + Puzzles

What is the general aptitude?

A general aptitude test is a way to assess an applicant’s ability to use logic to solve complex problems. It is an individual’s innate, learned or acquired ability to perform specific tasks.

Can I crack CSIR NET without coaching?

Yes, one can ‘crack’ CSIR-NET without coaching, if one believes. If you are not ready to put in efforts and think coaching will do the trick, you have got it figured all wrong. Coaching allows one to be disciplined and complete the required syllabus on time. At the end of the day, your hard work is what matters.

How can I prepare for CSIR NET?

Top ways to prepare for CSIR-UGC NET/JRF Exam

  1. Standard reference books.
  2. Collect e-Books for CSIR NET Exam.
  3. Books specially prepared for CSIR NET exam.
  4. Practice test series.
  5. Watching videos.
  6. Teaching support for solving doubts.
  7. Proper time management as “Failing to plan is like planning to fail”
  8. Make efficient short hand notes.

What are the subjects in CSIR NET?

There are 5 CSIR NET subjects in total, namely,

  • Chemical Sciences.
  • Earth Sciences.
  • Life Sciences.
  • Mathematical Sciences.
  • Physical Sciences.