Which is the best city to live in Bulgaria?

Best cities to live in Bulgaria

  • Varna. If you’re drawn to the Bulgarian coast, Varna is the first city to consider.
  • Veliko Tarnovo. Sofia is the modern-day capital of Bulgaria.
  • Plovdiv. There aren’t many places where you can go to the opera or see a rock band in a Roman amphitheatre!
  • Sofia.
  • Burgas.
  • Bansko.
  • Haskovo.
  • Dobrich.

Where do rich people live in Bulgaria?

“The wealthy Bulgarians are concentrated in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas”, Rosen Bachvarov says, outlining the areas with the highest number of millionaires. It turns out that major district cities are the centers where business can be done most profitably.

Which is the safest city in Bulgaria?

And the nominees for the Foreigner.bg award “Top 6 Bulgarian Cities To Live In For 2020” are… Plovdiv, Varna, Sofia, Stara Zagora, Veliko Tarnovo, and Burgas.

Where do most Brits live in Bulgaria?

The majority of these long-term and permanent residents have settled in central Bulgaria near Veliko Tarnovo, a Bulgarian National Revival-era city with medieval churches and a fortress, which is currently awaiting UNESCO World Heritage status.

Is it worth living in Bulgaria?

Low cost of living Bulgaria is a country with very affordable hotels, restaurants and home appliances compared to the rest of the European Union. Bulgarian hotel and restaurant prices are apparently below half the average for the EU.

Are Bulgarians wealthy?

The World Bank classifies Bulgaria as an upper-middle income nation. Its economy is powered by construction, mining, services – which include tourism – and agriculture sectors. The global economic downturn ended a run of strong economic growth for the country.

Is Bulgaria cheaper than Portugal?

Bulgaria is 36.2% cheaper than Portugal.

What is the capital of Bulgaria?

The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia – a beautiful metropolis with a compact city center, cozy cafes, affordable traditional restaurants, and plenty of places to escape the regular tourist crowd (as well as exciting tourist stops, too), all within walking distance of just about anywhere in the city.

What are the best cities to visit in Bulgaria?

It was the capital of Bulgaria during the period between 1187 and 1393. The city is situated in a picturesque hilly area, and its neighborhoods of old colorful houses lie on both sides of the deep Yantra River. Veliko Tarnovo is also famous as one of the education capitals on the Balkans. 2. Gabrovo

Why Plovdiv is the most popular city in Bulgaria?

Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second-largest city, is one of the most impressive and popular cities to visit, even among its residents. A visit to Plovdiv is like entering an entirely new world. You might be surprised by the unique architecture of the old town. It remains preserved so well to this day.

What is the oldest town in Bulgaria?

Sozopol – a beautiful ancient seaside town One of the oldest towns on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coastline, Sozopol is a popular fishermen’s village and seaside resort. Located 35 kilometres south of Burgas, Sozopol was known in the 6th century BC as Apollonia, complete with a temple dedicated to Apollo.