Which beer is good in Ethiopia?


1 Hakim Stout Harar Brewery (Heineken)
2 St George Amber Beer (Ethiopia) BGI Ethiopia (BGI – Castel)
3 Bedele Beer Bedele Brewery
4 Harar Harar Brewery (Heineken)

How many beer brands are there in Ethiopia?

The Ethiopian brewery industry traces its roots back 100 years with the establishment of the St. George brewery. A number of market entrances and acquisitions over the last three decades have seen the market grow to comprise 14 brewers under local and international brands.

Is there beer in Ethiopia?

George the national beer of Ethiopia is the most popular and the oldest beer. Brewed by BGI Ethiopia, St. George is named after the patron saint of Ethiopia. It is light lager much similar to American beers .

What is Ethiopian beer called?

Tella is called Ethiopian traditional beer. Its production process is similar to beer making in that the grain starch is converted into sugars by malting.

Who owns St George beer?

The factory is now owned by BGI, an internationally acclaimed Brewing Company that exports to Europe and to North America.

Who owns Habesha beer?

Swinkels Family Brewers Holding N.V.
Habesha Breweries Share Company (“Habesha”) is one of the leading Ethiopian brewing companies. Habesha was initiated by a group of local Ethiopian investors in 2009. The company is currently owned by Swinkels Family Brewers Holding N.V. (60%), 8,000 local shareholders (30%), and Linssen Participations B.V. (10%).

What is BGI Ethiopia?

B.G.I ETHIOPIA PLC – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia BGI is a large-scale brewery and beverage production wing of Groupé Castel operating internationally in more than 53 countries. BGI, operating in Ethiopia since 1998 as BGI Ethiopia PLC., has been engaged in the production and distribution of beer, wine and beverage products.

Who owns BGI Ethiopia?

Groupe Castel
Laurent Lescuyer – CEO – BGI Ethiopia – Groupe Castel | LinkedIn.

Who is the owner of BGI?

Laurent Lescuyer – CEO – BGI Ethiopia – Groupe Castel | LinkedIn.

Who is the owner of St George beer?

What does BGI stand for?


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