Where is the Reaper in Saints Row?

Reapers are most common in Downtown and Airport districts, but also spawn in Apartments, Barrio, Chinatown, Docks & Warehouses, High End Retail, Arena, Museum, districts and the Huntersfield neighborhood.

How do you get zombie Lin in Saints Row 2?

After Lin’s death, calling Eye for an Eye voodoo supplies (555-5966) unlocks Zombie Lin as a homie. She is then available as a badly decomposed zombie and drives to wherever Playa is in a customized Reaper.

Where is socialite in Saints Row 2?

Overview. The Socialite is one of 7 luxury sedans in the Saints Row series. These are rare but drive around the Apartments District, Truck Yard District, and Arena District. The Socialite is the car used in the Escort activity in the University District and a blacked-out version is unlocked after completing all levels.

What helicopters are in Saints Row 2?

There are 7 variants of the Tornado in Saints Row 2: Beater, Standard, Bling, Ultor, Assault, Police and Ronin.

How do you get a bulldog in Saints Row?

A Bulldog can also be easy obtained via level 7 of the Hijacking activity in Los Carnales territory. Once the Bulldog is visible, quit the activity and the driver of the Bulldog behaves like a normal driver. The Bulldog is wanted by the Chop Shop in the Downtown District.

Where is La Fuerza in Saints Row?


  • Steelport.
  • Is Lin related to Johnny Gat?

    To put the matter to rest, Volition, Inc. stated that they are not related. Lin is one of many cut characters in Saints Row IV.

    How do you get Johnny Gat zombie?

    Johnny Gat is Unlocked as a Zombie by completing the game. Unlike other Zombie Homies, Gat is not unlocked after calling Eye for an Eye. Like the previous Zombie Homies, he arrives in a Reaper when called up. All enemies/pedestrians die instantly from a Zombie Gat punch.

    Where can I find a bulldog in Saints Row 2?

    How many chop shops are in Saints Row 2?

    5 Chop Shop lists
    Saint’s Row 2 Chop Shop Guide There are 5 Chop Shop lists in Stilwater, you are best off to activate them early on, so in case you stumble upon one, you can bring it in to get it out of the way. Here are the lists and the shops you need to bring them to. Walk up to the activity to receive a call and the lists.

    What is the name of the radio station in Saints Row 2?

    The station’s logo is included in the game files, and can be found throughout Saints Row 2. Talk station. The Faction FM 99.8 – From Saints Row, played modern rock. ‘99.0 The Underground’ was a possible substitute for The Faction. The Kronic 92.2 – From Saints Row, in which it played hip hop.

    Is there a reaper in Saints Row 2?

    The Reaper is a vehicle in Saints Row, Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third. Not to be confused with the Reaper Drone weapon. The Reaper’s performance is slow, with only a mediocre top speed and average handling. It cannot take much damage before catching fire.

    Where can I find the third Reaper in Steelport?

    Saints Row: The Third Reapers spawn everywhere in Steelport. There is a parked Reaper in front of the hospital located in Camano Place just north of Rim Jobs. Zombie Gat drives one when he is called as homie.

    What is the parkingweight in Saints Row?

    In Saints Row, all variants are defined as having a “parkingweight” of 0, but the parkingweight value is not used in the game, and parked variants use the same “weight” value as driving variants. In the single player mission ” Three Kings “, Carlos requests Playa to tow a Reaper from the cemetery to a nearby Car Mechanic.