Where is petanque played in the world?

Today, boules-type games are traditional and popular in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and other European countries, where games are often played in open spaces (town squares and parks) in villages and towns.

What are petanque balls made of?

Today, virtually all petanque balls are made from some kind of steel. Steel (in French, acier) is a carbon-iron alloy. The ratio of carbon to steel in the alloy has a significant (and rather complex) influence on the properties of steel.

What is Le cochonnet in petanque?

(le) Cochonnet The target ball; the word literally means piglet.

What are the categories for Pétanque World Championships?

Current categories for Pétanque World Championships are : 1 SINGLES ( tête à tête) for MEN, WOMEN and YOUTH 2 DOUBLES ( doublette) for MEN, WOMEN and MIXED DOUBLES 3 TRIPLES ( triplette) for MEN, WOMEN and YOUTH 4 PRECISION SHOOTING ( tir de precision) for MEN, WOMEN and YOUTH More

Is pétanque a sport?

Pétanque is an official sport in several multisports competitions: World Games, Mediterranean Games, SEA Games, Asian indoor Games ( and soon Asian Games), Pacific Games, Indian Ocean Games and soon African Games (2015) and World Beach Games (2015).

When was the last Pétanque World Championship held in Tahiti?

Championships scheduled to take place in Tahiti in 2014 were cancelled due to concern about the ebola epidemic. Current categories for Pétanque World Championships are : World Championship were not held in 1960, 62, 67, 68, 69 and 1970 due to managerial problems within the organisation

How many countries won the 2015 IAAF World Championships?

The 2015 IAAF World Championships ( Chinese: 第十五届世界田径锦标赛 ), the fifteenth edition of the IAAF World Championships, were held from 22 to 30 August at the National Stadium in Beijing, China. Forty-three nations won medals, 144 of which were awarded. Kenya topped the medal table for the first time, with 7 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze medals.