Where do Michael and Ashley Cordray live?

Michael Cordray and Ashley Cordray are the stars of Restoring Galveston on Magnolia Network, a series that sees them restoring historic homes in Galveston, Texas.

Will there be a season 3 of Restoring Galveston?

Ashley and Michael discover a pre-1900s Victorian after curbside dumpster diving.

Will Restoring Galveston be back?

Art in Bloom with Helen Dealtry has been renewed for a second season and Restoring Galveston for a fourth season.

Are Michael and Ashley Cordray still together?

Meet Their Baby On Instagram. Is Ashley Cordray pregnant with her husband, Michael Cordray? The reality TV star gave birth to a baby in 2021. Ashley Cordray is an American unscripted TV drama star who has actively been in this sector for almost 2 years and has set up herself very well in the industry.

Who owns the kettle house in Galveston TX?

Owners Michael and Ashley Cordray, of DIY Network’s “Restoring Galveston,” renovated a home on the island that many refer to as the “Kettle House” due to its unique shape. The home, located at 14102 Mirimar Drive, was presented the Sally B.

Did Restoring Galveston couple have their baby?

‘Restoring Galveston’ Stars Ashley and Michael Cordray Are Proud Parents of 2! Meet Their Daughters Elle and Emma.

Is Restoring Galveston coming to Magnolia Network?

Magnolia Network is setting up its line-up for the year ahead. The cable channel has ordered new seasons for three shows and ordered five more series to add to its line-up. The renewals are for Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines (season six), Art In Bloom (season two), and Restoring Galveston (season four).

Is Ashley from Restoring Galveston pregnant again?

No, Ashley is currently not pregnant at all. However, she was carrying a baby in her belly until few months of the year 2021 but has already given birth to that child.

Did Ashley Cordray have her baby?

Michael and Ashley welcomed their second daughter, Emma, in May 2021. “Our hearts have doubled! Emma and momma are doing wonderful, and we can’t wait to take her home to meet her big sister tomorrow,” the couple wrote alongside a photo of the newborn on their joint Instagram account.