Where did the inbetweeners go on their field trip?

Despite the episode being primarily set in Swanage, all of these scenes were actually filmed in Littlehampton. The real town of Swanage was not featured in the episode.

Who wrote the script for Inbetweeners?

Damon Beesley Iain Morris

The Inbetweeners
Written by Damon Beesley Iain Morris
Directed by Gordon Anderson Ben Palmer Damon Beesley Iain Morris
Starring Simon Bird Joe Thomas James Buckley Blake Harrison
Narrated by Simon Bird

Is Will Mckenzie a virgin?

Will develops strong confidence that Alison would go out with him when she admits that she believes Will is “cute” after he reveals he is a virgin.

Was it a real fish in the Inbetweeners?

S: The way they did it was the fish that was flapping around was real; it had just been taken out of a bucket of water. When the first shot ends the fish gets put back in the bucket and they replace it with one that is already dead. I can safely say that no fish were harmed in the filming of that scene.

What school did they use in The Inbetweeners?

The dysfunctional heart of The Inbetweeners is Rudge Park Comprehensive. The external shots at Rudge Park are of Ruislip High School in the London Borough of Hillingdon. This secondary comprehensive school opened in 2006, just two years before The Inbetweeners began.

What town is Inbetweeners set?

Abbots Langley
The Inbetweeners was shot in London, England, UK. Will’s house was located at 4 Whitley Close, Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire….The Inbetweeners Locations Table.

Location Name Latitude Longitude
Ruislip High School 51.563080 -0.412490

Is The Inbetweeners a 15?

Though they’re underage even by British standards, they drink often and sometimes get quite drunk. While not much sex is shown, there’s plenty of graphic discussion on the topic, as well as a lot of casual swearing (including unbleeped uses of “s–t”).

Are Will and Jay friends?

We were good friends and had been working in TV as producers for a number of years, and it’s fair to describe the number of successful shows we’d produced in that time as none.

Who died from the Inbetweeners?

Actor Paul Ritter has died of a brain tumour at the age of just 54, his agent has confirmed. Ritter was probably most famous for his role as Martin in the Channel 4 hit, Friday Night Dinner, alongside Inbetweeners star Simon Bird, Tamsin Greig and Tom Rosenthal.

What episode does Neil punch the fish?

“The Inbetweeners” The Field Trip (TV Episode 2009) – IMDb.