Where can I register a trust in Mumbai?

Trust Registration Consultants Mumbai

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How do you start a charitable trust?

Registration Process of Public Charitable Trust

  1. Step 1 : Choose an appropriate name for your Trust.
  2. Step 2 : Determine the Settler/ Author and Trustees of the intended Trust.
  3. Step 3 : Prepare a Trust Deed as Memorandum of your Trust.
  4. Bylaws of the Trust.

How do I start a private charitable trust in India?


  1. A. Draft Trust Deed as per wishes / rules and beneficiaries.
  2. B. Decide Trustees.
  3. C. Register Trust with Registration authorities.
  4. D. Transfer assets to Trust with payment of required stamp duty.
  5. E.

How can a public charitable trust be registered in India?

Public Trust Registration Process:

  1. Public Trust Registration Process: Determine the Appropriate Name for the Trust:
  2. Select the Settlers/ Authors and Trustees of the Trust:
  3. Draft the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Trust Deed:
  4. Submit the Trust Deed with The Registrar:
  5. Obtain the Registration Certificate:

How many members are in a charitable trust?

Seven or more members. Only a trustee and a settlor is required to set up as public charitable trust. A minimum number of two members are required for setting up of a Section 8 Company.

Where do I register a trust?

A trust will always be registered with reference to the Master of the High Court’s office where it was registered. Each Master of the High Court’s office has its own sequence of numbers for every year. Decide whether you want a discretionary or a vested trust.

How do I register a charitable trust in Maharashtra?

Document Required for Trust Registration

  1. Covering letter for Trust registration to the Official having Jurisdiction.
  2. Application Form in Form – Schedule II – Duly Notarised (Download Application for Trust Registration – Maharashtra)
  3. Court fee stamp of Rs.
  4. Certified copy of Trust deed.
  5. Consent letter of Trustees.

How many trustees can a trust have?

one trustee
The Trust Property Control Act does not prescribe a minimum or maximum number of trustees. A trust may be properly established with only one trustee. The founder will therefore be required to decide how many trustees he/she wants to appoint, given his/her specific circumstances.

Can a trustee take salary?

According to the Indian Trusts Act, a trustee has no right to get a salary unless a provision for such salary has laid down in the instrument (Deed) of the trust.

Where to register a trust in Mumbai?

(Payment should be made by CASH / DD / Cheque in favour of Aditya Consultancy Payable at NAGPUR) Trust Registration Office In Mumbai Trust Registration In Mumbai The Head Office of the Charity Organisation is situated at Mumbai at the following address: Office of the Charity Commissioner, Maharashtra State, Mumbai,

How to register a public charitable trust?

A Public Charitable Trust has to be registered with the office of the Sub Registrar of Revenue Department. The jurisdiction of the Sub Registrar is the locality of the office address of the Trust.

What is a trust in India?

Trust is a kind of recommended registration process to register Non Governmental Organisation (NGO). A Public Charitable is known as Non Profit Non Government Organisation. India Trust Act defines creating a Trust as “A trust is created when the author of the trust indicates with reasonable certainty by any words or acts:

Is it easy to register and manage trust?

It is easy to register and manage Trust. Trust is a kind of recommended registration process to register Non Governmental Organisation (NGO). A Public Charitable is known as Non Profit Non Government Organisation.