Where can I find Lucien in Skyrim?

Lucien Flavius is a fully-voiced Imperial follower with over 4500 lines of immersive, lore-friendly dialogue. A scholar by trade, Lucien is visiting Skyrim on an expedition and may be found looking for a travelling companion in Dead Man’s Drink, in Falkreath.

Where can you find Auri?

Auri’s home in the Falkreath hold forest, WNW of Roadside Ruins, carried by Auri.

Is there a bird race in Skyrim?

Ulri (raven), Eagle, Griffon, Songbird, and Talis/vulture races.

Can Lucien ride a horse Skyrim?

Lucien can finally ride a horse! His name is Clive, he’s unlocked by completing a short new quest, and he is a Very Good Boy.

Does Falkreath have an inn?

Dead Man’s Drink is an inn in the town of Falkreath. It is owned by Valga Vinicia. It is located near the center of town, opposite Gray Pine Goods, next door to Corpselight Farm.

How do you install Vilja?

Install the mod via the client….A:

  1. Download the Vilja mod, and move the downloaded 7z archive to the desktop.
  2. You will need 7-Zip or WinRar to extract the file.
  3. In your computer folder system, go to your Steam folder and inside it find the folder SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data.
  4. Put the esp and the bsa in this Data folder.

Who is recorder Skyrim?

Who is Recorder? A student from a mysterious academy, Recorder has been sent to Skyrim to record the Dragonborn’s adventures. She awaits in Riverwood, inside the Sleeping Giant Inn. She’s quirky, has an interesting sense of curiosity about Skryim and the Dragonborn, and all in all, a fun companion!

Can my follower ride a horse in Skyrim?

Horses For Followers To make followers mount their steeds, all you need to do is mount your own and they will follow suit. When combat ensues, they will dismount and engage in combat as normal. The horses are set to avoid combat if possible, unlike the vanilla player’s horse.

Is Lucien Flavius essential?

Lucien has his own follower system, so does not contribute towards your follower count. He is essential while he travels with you, although should you choose, you can kill him.