When should I hike the Narrows?

Summer: Summer is an ideal season to visit the Narrows. The temperature of the air and the water is warm and the days are long. Shuttles run until around 9 p.m., giving you plenty of time to complete the top-down hike in one day. However, keep in mind that summer is the most popular season.

What time should I get to Zion to hike the Narrows?

In my opinion, September and October are the best months to hike the Zion Narrows. If you plan to do this as a day hike from the top-down, doing this before September 30 gives you about 13 to 14 hours to hike the route, allowing for drop-off time at Chamberlain’s Ranch and the last shuttle of the day at 9:15 pm.

When can you hike Zion Narrows?

The hiking season for the Zion Narrows is typically summer and autumn, but the start of the season is controlled by the spring runoff and water levels. The Zion Narrows is typically closed to hiking between mid-March and late May, depending on how much snow fell on the high country in winter.

How difficult is The Narrows hike in Zion?

Not very difficult, unless you want to hike the entire trail length for an all-day adventure. How many miles is the Narrows hike? 16 miles total if you hike top-down, but most people just hike in 1-3 miles bottom-up and turn around and come back, considering you have to hike out whatever you hike in.

Do I need a permit to hike The Narrows?

If you are planning to hike the Narrows from the bottom up—starting at Temple of Sinewava, you do not need to obtain a permit. However, if you are hiking from the top down, either as a day hike or an overnight trip, you will need a permit.

Are The Narrows safe to hike right now?

While the trail does remain open at this rate, all hikers should practice caution, and only enter if they are physically capable of this type of hiking. At 150 cubic feet per second, The Narrows closes. It also closes whenever the National Weather Service issues a Flash Flood Warning.

How far should I hike The Narrows?

Suitable for most hikers, the Narrows Bottom-Up hike can be as much as a 10-mile round-trip or as little as the 2-mile round-trip of the paved Riverside Walk. To see Wall Street, hikers must travel a minimum of 6 miles round-trip, 4 miles of which is in and along the Virgin River.

Are The Narrows open in April?

During spring snowmelt, when the river is high, The Narrows will be closed – usually for not more than 30 days in April and May, but in big snow years sometimes as late as July 15th.

How far should I go in the Narrows?

What is the best time or year to hike the Narrows?

Seasonal Adjustments. HIGH SUMMER: MAY 15 – SEPTEMBER 15 High summer is the best time to through- hike the Narrows . Zion National Park can be downright sweltering in the summer months, so escaping into the deep, twisty and cool river gorge makes for a delightful escape from the heat.

What’s the best time of year to hike in Zion?

Spring Weather in Zion. The months of March and April are a big transition period in Zion National Park.

  • March in Zion.
  • April in Zion.
  • Summer Weather in Zion NP.
  • June in Zion.
  • July in Zion.
  • August in Zion.
  • September in Zion.
  • Fall Weather in Zion NP.
  • October in Zion.
  • What is the best backpacking trail in Zion?

    OBSERVATION POINT. Observation Point is one of the more challenging and rewarding hikes in Zion National Park.

  • ANGEL’S LANDING. Angel’s Landing is the most iconic trail in Zion National Park.
  • When is the best time to hike the Narrows?

    The morning is the best time to hike the Narrows to avoid crowds which arrive from 9 – 10am. By late afternoon people start leaving too, so you may enjoy a quieter walk. The downside of hiking the Narrows in early morning / late afternoon – it gets shaded by the high rock face and becomes much colder than in the middle of the day when the sun is directly above.