When should I do Fallow Mire Dai?

You can’t unlock Fallow Mire until you have a power level of at least eight. Once you have a high enough power level you can reach the Mire via the war table in Haven. Most of the quests in Fallow Mire can be completed by simply following the main road to the south.

Where are the Fallow Mire artifacts?

In The Fallow Mire, you can find the artifacts in the following locations: Grey Warden Tome has been hidden in the room above the main gate into the Hargrave Keep that is located in the South-Western part of Mire (M9,1a).

What level should I be for exalted Plains?

Be sure to head into Exalted Plains around 10-12 – it’s a fun zone.

Where is Fallow Mire Dai?

The Fallow Mire is rainy uncharted marsh located in the southern most part of Ferelden.

Where is the Ferelden tome?

the Mire
Fereldan Tomes and Fereldan Medallions of Service are looted from undead found across the Mire. Undead will readily spawn upon entering most bodies of water throughout the region. Both items are looted randomly from undead encountered in the Flooded Caves, Lost Temple of Dirthamen and during The Descent quest line.

Where can I find a Fereldan tome?

What level is Emprise du Lion?

19 – 23

Area Name Enemy Levels Herbs
Emprise du Lion 19 – 23 Arbor Blessing Black Lotus Elfroot Felandaris Rashvine Rashvine Nettle
Hissing Wastes 19 – 20 Deathroot Dragonthorn Elfroot Ghoul’s Beard Vandal Aria Witherstalk Zangolia

What level should I be for Forbidden Oasis?

Recommended experience: It is best to explore the Oasis to its fullest after you have progressed to, at least, level 12, because there are many monsters here, around rifts, and spiders in the South-Eastern cave.

Where is DIN an Hanin?

Din’an Hanin is a large elven ruin found in the southeastern region of Orlais. It is the final resting place of the Emerald Knights—a tomb located in the Dales, nestled in the Emerald Graves.