What was the Volhynia massacre?

Between 1943 and 1945, members of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army massacred thousands of Poles throughout Volhynia, a region that was in Nazi-occupied Poland and is part of present-day Ukraine. Polish historians say the death toll could be as high as 100,000, while Ukrainians say it’s between 20,000 to 30,000.

Was Ukraine ever part of Germany?

Reichskommissariat Ukraine
Reichskommissariat Ukraine in 1942
Status Reichskommissariat of Germany
Capital Rowno
Common languages German (official) Ukrainian · Russian · Polish · Crimean Tatar

How many Polish were killed in WWII?

Estimates vary, but more than five million Polish citizens were killed during the war, perhaps as much as 17% of the population, including up to three million Polish Jews murdered by the Germans in the Holocaust.

How many Polish people were killed by Ukrainians?

Massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia
Target Poles
Attack type Massacre, ethnic cleansing
Deaths 50,000–100,000
Perpetrators Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, Ukrainian Insurgent Army, Mykola Lebed

What caused the famine in the Ukraine?

The Holodomor’s Death Toll And, unlike other famines in history caused by blight or drought, this was caused when a dictator wanted both to replace Ukraine’s small farms with state-run collectives and punish independence-minded Ukrainians who posed a threat to his totalitarian authority.

Did Poland know Germany would invade?

The Soviets invaded Poland on 17 September. The campaign ended on 6 October with Germany and the Soviet Union dividing and annexing the whole of Poland under the terms of the German–Soviet Frontier Treaty….Invasion of Poland.

Date 1 September 1939 – 6 October 1939 (35 days)
Result German–Soviet victory

Which country sacrificed the most in ww2?

The USSR undoubtedly made the biggest human sacrifice with a quarter of the entire Soviet population killed or wounded during the conflict. In total, an estimated 27 million Soviets are thought to have perished.