What should you wear to a Western horse show?

Starched jeans or show pants; blouse with pin or tie; western hat; western boots, belt and buckle. Simple vests, blazers, short jackets also appropriate. Same for local/regional levels, with dressier vest, blazer, or jacket. Take care to color coordinate with the horse, but don’t overshadow the horse with glitz.

What do you wear to showmanship?

“As far as showmanship goes, something that I see a lot pants that are too short. Be sure to wear boots when you go to get your suit tailored—it makes a difference,” instructs Thompson. “I think a lot of people get their outfits tailored without their boots on and, consequently, it makes for too short a pant.

What do you wear to a fun horse show?

Jacket: Jackets – ladies blue, black or tweed jacket with neat collar and tie – gentlemen tweed. Evening performances: Buttonhole, showing cane, silk top hats for ladies and gentlemen, gentlemen to wear black hunting tails, breeches and boots, and ladies to wear black or navy jacket, breeches and boots.

What should I wear to my first horse show?

Clean white quarter zip sun shirt or sport shirt. Pair of clean riding breeches or riding tights. Nice belt if your breeches have belt loops. Clean paddock boots or tall leather boots.

What do men wear to horse shows?

You will see most people in riding clothes or jeans, so feel free to wear jeans or leggings, sneakers and a casual top. The top doesn’t even have to have a collar, as long as it is well-fitted and conservative.

What is Western riding attire?

It’s typically a long-sleeved, button-up shirt or jacket, with traditional styles featuring a collar, a wallpaper print, and a Western yoke. Modern Western riders opt for stretchy, breathable shirts and tank tops. During competition, Western riders often swap the shirt for a jacket.

Can you wear black jeans in showmanship?

For show girls, show pants aren’t quite as easy as starched jeans. Classic jeans can work, especially if you wear black chaps with black pants, but the pockets, yokes and heavy seams on jeans make for a bumpy, bulky fit under chaps, especially Ultrasuede models.

What Colour is jodhpurs?

Jodhpurs should be fawn, cream or buff (not white as for showjumpers); children on show ponies often wear yellow or canary coloured jodhpurs. Plain, straight topped brown or black leather boots with a garter strap are correct; children wear jodhpur boots until moving up to intermediate classes.

Can you wear half chaps in shows?

Unless the show is very casual, half chaps are not appropriate. Of course, boots should be polished. Learn how to spit polish and make sure all other clothing is clean and pressed. For the horse, an English bridle and saddle are appropriate, and as you advance in levels, you will want a dressage saddle.

How should you wear your hair to a horse show?

Even short hair should be contained in a hair net to prevent flyaway strands from distracting from your appearance. Long hair may be worn completely tucked under your hat, but it is most common to see long hair fashioned neatly into a bun at the back of the head, tucked snugly under the rear brim of the helmet or hat.

What is Western Pleasure class?

Western pleasure is a western style competition at horse shows that evaluates horses on manners and suitability of the horse for a relaxed and slow but collected gait cadence, along with calm and responsive disposition. The horse is to appear to be a “pleasure” to ride, smooth-moving and very comfortable.

What should I bring to a horse show?

What do you need to bring to a horse show?

  1. Show coat.
  2. Riding breeches.
  3. Show shirt.
  4. Tall Riding Boots.
  5. Show helmet/Horse Riding Helmets (with hairnets and hair ties)
  6. Belts.
  7. Riding Gloves.
  8. Extra pair of riding breeches and riding shirt for schooling before classes start.