What radio station is NPR in New York?

WNYC 93.9 FM
WNYC 93.9 FM and AM 820 are New York’s flagship public radio stations, broadcasting the finest programs from NPR, American Public Media, Public Radio Exchange and the BBC World Service, as well as a wide range of award-winning local programming.

Is New York Public Radio NPR?

News from WNYC New York Public Radio : NPR.

Can I listen to NPR on radio?

NPR One is the best way to listen to stories, shows, and podcasts from NPR and your local public radio station.

Where is NY public radio?

The NYPR stations broadcast from studios and offices at 160 Varick Street in the Hudson Square area of Manhattan. WNYC’s AM transmitter is located in Kearny, New Jersey; WNYC-FM and WQXR-FM’s transmitters are located on the Empire State Building in New York City.

What channel is NPR Long Island?

88.3 WLIW-FM
It is the only NPR station on Long Island (population about 8 million). It is one of three public radio stations broadcast to eastern Long Island….WLIW-FM.

City Southampton, New York
Broadcast area Eastern Long Island
Frequency 88.3 MHz (HD Radio)
Branding 88.3 WLIW-FM

What station is WAMU?

WAMU (88.5 FM) is a public news/talk station that services the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. It is owned by American University, and its studios are located near the campus in northwest Washington. WAMU has been the primary National Public Radio member station for Washington since 2007.

Can I listen to NPR radio on my Iphone?

The best of NPR’s content in your pocket: read the latest breaking news, stream your local public radio stations, and hear your favorite NPR shows and podcasts. The NPR App is in your hands, wherever you go.

What is the best NPR station?

– WBEZ Chicago – WNYC New York – Minnesota public radio – Berlin Affiliate is not bad (yes there’s an npr station in Berlin, I don’t know why – WGBH Boston

What channel is NPR on the radio?

NPR and public radio programming can be found on SiriusXM Satellite Radio channel 122, NPR Now. The channel features news and entertainment programs from NPR and greater public radio.

How do I listen to NPR radio?

Live radio from your Member station. Say,”Alexa,play NPR” and follow the prompts to localize to your Member station.

  • National and Local News from NPR.
  • For Alexa devices with a screen.
  • NPR news alerts.
  • Podcasts.
  • Flash Briefings.
  • What radio station is NPR in NYC?

    Under the new arrangement, the 74-year-old newspaper will function as an independent operation under the CPM umbrella, which also directs WBEZ, Chicago’s local branch of National Public Radio. CPM CEO Matt Moog said in the announcement that the CPM Board