What questions will Ofsted ask?

What might they ask?

  • How do you work to promote the British Values?
  • What should you be looking out for if a child spends a long time away from the setting?
  • How do you report a safeguarding issue?
  • What would be some warning signs for you that there was a safeguarding issue with one of your key children?

What questions should teachers ask students?

There are some things we should know about all of our students because knowing them will greatly influence our teaching (and parenting)….Questions to Ask Right Away

  • What helps you feel welcomed?
  • How do you like to be greeted?
  • What strengths do you bring to classrooms?
  • What do you like most about school so far?

What are Ofsted looking for with send?

SEND provision is a major concern for Ofsted. We inspect it: through area SEND inspections, which look at the provision that children and young people with and without EHC plans receive from education, health and social care providers.

What are reported to be some of the problems with Ofsted?

Ofsted’s claims that its new inspection framework has reduced teacher and leader stress and excessive workload are shown for the falsehoods they are by the findings of new NEU research: 77 per cent of around 10,000 teachers who responded reported that they are required to submit “book scrutiny” to their leadership …

What do Ofsted look for during inspection?

Ofsted will want to look at all available records about your school and the students, including records of accidents, complaints, your safeguarding or health and safety policies, and information about staff qualifications (see our previous section for details).

What questions will Ofsted ask about safeguarding?

Below is a handy list of 14 questions Ofsted could ask and why: Is safeguarding practice effective in implementation? How often is your school/college’s safeguarding policies and related policies reviewed? Are your leaders aware of how to identify and respond to online safety concerns?

What do Ofsted say about interventions?

Ofsted doesn’t judge individual interventions Inspectors don’t assess the quality of individual interventions, just as they don’t evaluate the quality of individual lessons.

How far behind are Ofsted inspections?

In practice, Ofsted is about 18 months behind in its inspection volumes.

What can trigger an Ofsted inspection?

If Ofsted have concerns about the safety of pupils or staff, an inspection can be triggered. For example, information may suggest that there has been a serious breakdown of leadership and management.

What do Ofsted look for in safeguarding?

Signs of effective safeguarding Identify pupils who may need early help or who are at risk of harm or being harmed. This could be due to neglect, abuse (including by their peers), grooming or exploitation. Secure the help that pupils need, and if required, refer in a timely way to those who have the expertise to help.

Can Ofsted inspectors talk to pupils during school inspections?

Guidance for Ofsted inspectors on talking to pupils during school inspections. Gathering evidence from pupils to find out about their experience of school is an essential part of any school inspection.

What are the changes to the Ofsted Parent View survey?

In September 2019 we updated the questions we ask in the Ofsted Parent View survey so that it links more closely to Ofsted’s new education inspection framework. The survey continues to ask parents how strongly they agree or disagree with statements about their child’s school, though the focus of what we ask parents has changed.

How does the Inspector determine whether a school is EYFS compliant?

If the school offers early years provision or is a maintained nursery school, the inspector will also determine whether it is disapplying (or has previously disapplied) the following requirements of the early years foundation stage ( EYFS): assessment – progress check at age 2 and EYFS profile staff qualification and ratios

Why do I have to provide information to Ofsted?

Individuals and organisations have legal requirements to provide information to Ofsted. The Education Act 2005 gives our inspectors the power to inspect and take copies of any relevant records kept by schools.