What Neil Young album is like a hurricane on?

DecadeLike a Hurricane / AlbumDecade is a compilation album by Canadian-American musician Neil Young, originally released in 1977 as a triple album, now available on two compact discs. It contains 35 of Young’s songs recorded between 1966 and 1976, among them five tracks that had been unreleased up to that point. Wikipedia

Who did Neil Young write like a hurricane about?

Taylor Phelps
History. There is a story that Young wrote the song in July 1975 with the help of his friend and La Honda neighbor Taylor Phelps in the back of his DeSoto Suburban, during a time when Young was unable to sing because of an operation on his vocal cords.

Who plays the guitar solo in Like A Hurricane?

Like A Hurricane It is clear that this song, of over eight minutes, is protagonized again by the Old Black, mixing fury and beauty in equal parts. Once someone described it as “the song that opens with the second best solo in history, then Neil sings a little, and then plays the best solo of all time.”

Who wrote rock me Like A Hurricane?

Klaus MeineHerman Rarebell
Rock You Like A Hurricane/Lyricists

Can Adam Sandler play guitar?

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Who played the guitar solo on Rock You Like a Hurricane?

Frontman Klaus Meine and lead guitarist Matthias Jabs spoke to Fox News about the inspiration behind “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” surviving the ’90s grunge era and their most favorite moment on stage all thanks to several brave fans.

When was song Rock You Like a Hurricane released?

1984Rock You Like A Hurricane / Released

When did Neil Young write like a hurricane?

” Like a Hurricane ” is a song written by Neil Young in 1975 and first released on the album American Stars ‘n Bars in 1977 .

What is Neil Young’s American stars’N Bars?

American Stars ‘n Bars is the eighth studio album by Canadian folk rock songwriter Neil Young, released on Reprise Records in 1977. Compiled from recording sessions scattered over a 29-month period, it includes ” Like a Hurricane ,” one of Young’s best-known songs. It peaked at #21 on the Billboard 200 and received a RIAA gold certification.

What happened to Neil Young and Stephen Stills?

In the summer of 1976, Young rekindled his partnership with Stephen Stills, resulting in a tour that ended abruptly and the album Long May You Run. He then embarked on his second tour of the year with Crazy Horse, but spent the first half of 1977 off the road.

Who designed Neil Young’s after the Gold Rush album cover?

The album cover was designed by actor and Young’s close friend Dean Stockwell, who had also written the screenplay that inspired After the Gold Rush. It features Connie Moskos, then the girlfriend of producer David Briggs, drooping with a bottle of Canadian whisky in her hand and an intoxicated Young with his face pressed against the glass floor.