What Mos is cyber security in the Marines?

MOS 0689
Information Assurance Technicians (MOS 0689) are now called Cyber Security Technicians and are responsible for the security of all information systems and its integrity, authentication, and confidentiality.

What is a cyber network operator?

An Cyber Network Operator (MOS 0651) is responsible for the installation, configuration, and management of data network systems, according to the military branch. Operators plan and execute the integration of multiple information systems to include Data Distribution System-Replacement/Modular (DDS-R/M).

What are some marine MOS’s?

01 – Personnel and Administration.

  • 02 – Intelligence.
  • 03 – Infantry.
  • 04 – Logistics.
  • 05 – Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Plans.
  • 06 – Communications.
  • 08 – Field Artillery.
  • 09 – Training.
  • What is an 8014 USMC?

    Available Open Billets in III MEF IMA Program, current as of 26 Feb 2014. Note 1: MOS 8014 = Any enlisted Marine MOS can fill the billet unless notes say otherwise. MOS 8006 & 8007 = Any unrestricted Commissioned officer MOS can fill the billet unless notes say otherwise.

    How long is AIT for 25D?

    How long is AIT for MOS 25D? Regardless of your background, the length of the curriculum for AIT for Cyber Network Defender (25D) is 3 1/2 months long.

    Is Cyber Command?

    United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) is one of the eleven unified combatant commands of the United States Department of Defense (DoD). It unifies the direction of cyberspace operations, strengthens DoD cyberspace capabilities, and integrates and bolsters DoD’s cyber expertise. Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, U.S.

    What is a 06xx MOS in the Marines?

    The 06XX Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) is a critical function in the United States Marine Corps. Communications Marines are highly skilled and trained in both technical and tactical disciplines. For enlisted Marines, they earn their title as Marines by going through Recruit Training.

    What is MOS 0679 in the Marines?

    Data Systems Chief (MOS 0679) Data Systems Chiefs provide senior leadership to manage logical networks. They are experts in data systems, disaster recovery, and domain infrastructure. One of the more important roles of Data Systems Chiefs is providing experienced insight to train and develop junior Marines.

    What grade is 0627 PMOs in the Marines?

    3.d. All AC, SMCR, AR, IRR, and IMA Marines with the NMOS of 0627, in grades PVT through Sgt automatically reclassify to 0627 PMOS. 3.e. PMOS Conversion Guidance.

    What are the requirements to be an 0689 in the Marines?

    (6) Must possess a GT score of 110 or higher. (7) Security requirement: Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) eligibility. All 0689s assigned to Marine Force Cyber Command are required to maintain Top Secret (TS) with the additional adjudication of Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) eligibility.