What kind of oil goes in a Sanden compressor?

PAG oils
All Sanden compressors are filled with genuine double end-capped PAG oils (SP-10, SP-15, SP-20, SP-A2). Regarding R134a, for best practice we recommend using the oil that the compressor was supplied with, however, the mixing of genuine SP-10, SP-15, SP-20 and SP-A2 oils should not cause any damage to the AC system.

How much oil do you put in a Sanden compressor?

11. The amount of oil in the compressor after running for 10-15 minutes should be as per the table below, if the proper amount of oil was in the system….TXV Systems. More than 56 oz. (1600g) Refrigerant Charge:

Comp. RPM Oil in Compressor
fl.oz cc
1,000 3.4 100
2,000 2.5 75
3,000 1.7 50

Do Sanden compressors come pre oiled?

New Sanden compressors are shipped with all the oil required for a normal OEM system for which they were intended. In most cases no additional oil should be added. For R-134a A/C systems the original Sanden PAG oil shipped in the new Sanden compressor is the best lubricant for compressor durability.

How do I know if my AC compressor needs oil?

One of the earliest signs that the AC compressor is operating with an insufficient oil amount is the emergence of humming noises from your air-conditioning system. At the same time, you may notice that the compressor has suddenly become hard to start.

How much refrigerant oil do I need?

A/C Compressor Oil Capacities The total system oil capacity for many late model passenger car A/C systems is only about 4 ounces (120 ml). A low oil level can starve the compressor for oil and lead to compressor failure. CAUTION: Do NOT overfill the the A/C system with too much compressor oil.

How do I know if I have a Sanden compressor?

A: Look at the label on the compressor. The Sanden part number is listed under “Model Number” on the label. The part number is a 4 digit number. Please disregard any leading alpha characters.

Do Denso compressors come with oil?

All DENSO A/C Compressors are delivered as complete assemblies, pre-filled with the correct type of compressor oil. The purpose of compressor oil is to lubricate and cool the moving parts of the compressor.

Is the Sanden 7176 the same as the sd7b10?

This is a Chinese compressor that is the same as the Sanden 7176 and SD7B10. This Compressor is primarily sold to customers that have Front Drive Setups sold by companies like March Performance and CVF Racing. We don’t carry the stand alone bracket for these Compressors. Brand New Sanden style Chrome Compressor with a six groove serpentine clutch.

Where can I buy Sanden compressor oil?

Sanden compressor oil can be purchased from authorized Sanden distributors. Only use Sanden compressor oil. Do not substitute other oil types in Sanden compressors.

Are Sanden air conditioners any good?

These Sanden air conditioning compressors are 100 percent all-new, not rebuilt, making them the best quality compressors on the market. The perfect choice to power your air conditioning system, they put out 8.4 cu. in. per revolution with a maximum 6,000 sustained rpm range.

What type of oil should I use in my sd7h15 air compressor?

SP-A2 Oil, Drum Fixed Displacement Piston Type SP15 oil should be used in older SD7H15 compressors that originally contained SP-20 oil Variable Displacement Piston Type