What kind of church is McLean Bible Church?

McLean Bible Church

McLean Bible Church (MBC)
Denomination Non-denominational
Weekly attendance ~10,000
Website www.mcleanbible.org

Who is Mike Kelsey?

Pastor Mike Kelsey currently serves as Lead Pastor for Preaching and Culture at McLean Bible Church in the Washington, D.C. area.

Who is the pastor of McLean Bible Church?

DAVID ROACH: It is a megachurch in the Washington, D.C., area. They have several campuses. Their pastor, David Platt, is very well-known among evangelicals.

What denomination is a Bible church?

It is typically a type of evangelical Protestant church. Bible churches can be non-denominational or affiliated with a denomination, such as the Bible Methodist Connection of Churches, Bible Missionary Church or International Fellowship of Bible Churches.

How many members does McLean Bible Church have?

This is one of the largest churches in the Washington area, increasing from about 900 members in 1992 to nearly 8,000 today. Perhaps more than any other religious institution, McLean Bible exemplifies the rapid growth of many Fairfax churches in the last decade.

When did David Platt join McLean Bible Church?

In February 2017, Platt began serving as interim teaching pastor at McLean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia. During this time he continued in his primary role as president of the International Mission Board. In September of that year, Platt was introduced as pastor-teacher of McLean Bible Church.

What denomination is Mclean Presbyterian Church?

the Presbyterian Church in America
Our church is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). We do not exist for ourselves, but for the glory of God.

What Religion Is Community Bible Church?

We are a conservative, evangelical, interdenominational, Bible church.

Do Baptists speak tongues?

There are at least two Baptist churches locally where members of the congregation speak in tongues. The practice is not common among Baptist churches, which Seidel said “pride themselves on being conservative and fundamental in their beliefs.”

Where does Lon Solomon preach?

McLean Bible Church
Solomon is currently preaching a series at McLean Bible Church titled, “How Firm a Foundation.” Before speaking to thousands of Liberty students, he spoke to the congregation at Thomas Road Baptist Church on Sunday night, preaching a sermon on the external proofs that back up the Bible’s inerrancy.

What denomination is McLean Presbyterian Church?

What is McLean frontline?

McLean Bible Church, one of the largest churches in the Washington, DC region, launched Frontline in October 1994 as a Sunday evening worship service. Since inception, the goal of Frontline is to minister to young adults, ages 18 – 35, in the nation’s capital region through worship, small group fellowship and volunteer opportunities.

Is McLean Bible Church a part of the SBC?

However, Baptist Press, the SBC’s news service, stated in a July 21 article, “McLean Bible Church is a cooperating church with the Southern Baptist Convention, yet like all Southern Baptist churches, remains independent and autonomous in its functionality and governance.”

Who is the new pastor at McLean Bible Church?

There is no better news than this! In September of 2017, David Platt became Lead Pastor at McLean Bible Church. Previously, he served as pastor of The Church at Brook Hills and president of the IMB, an international missions organization. David is the author of Something Needs to Change, Radical, Radical Together, Follow Me, and Counter Culture.

Is McLean Bible Church now melanin Bible Church?

Opponents of McLean’s current leadership wrote in a blog posted by the right-wing Capstone Report that Platt—who became pastor of the DC church full time in 2018—was attempting to “purge conservative members.” Platt also described one email circulating that claimed “MBC is no longer McLean Bible Church, that it’s now Melanin Bible Church.”