What is what of this goldfish would you wish about?

This film is an adaptation of Etgar Keret’s famed short story ‘What Of This Goldfish Would You Wish? ‘ in which a young man named Yoni (Jason Ritter) sets out to make a documentary about the secret longings of everyday Americans.

What does the door symbolize In what of this goldfish would you wish?

A doorway symbolizes a gold fish. The doorway represents the trust that the homeowner shows Yoni by telling him their wishes, to me at least. He uses this motif to convey a theme of trust between Yoni and the people he talks to, but I may be wrong. happy new year to yo!

What of this goldfish would you wish archetype?

The short story What, of this goldfish, Would You Wish? ‘ is a emotive short story written by Etgar Keret. In this story he uses Archetype of the innocent youth being Yonatan an ambitious young documenter, he has a bombastic idea for a documentary which he decides to solely execute by himself.

What do Sergei’s actions tell you about his personality?

Sergei’s actions show he is a violent and impulsive person. Yoni believed that Sergei was a nice, quiet man which was the opposite. How are these wishes like his reaction when Yoni looks at his goldfish?

What was Sergei’s last wish?

Sergei seems very happy with his friendship with the goldfish. He realized he will be lonely without the goldfish but knows that he made the right choice by using his last wish to save Yoni’s life which brings him happiness.

What is Yoni motivation for making his video?

Answer: 1. Yoni’s motivation is to make a documentary.