What is Ward 24 at Arrowe Park Hospital?

Medical Ward

23 DME Location: 2nd floor Helen Aitken
23 Stroke Assessment Location 2nd floor Helen Aitken
24 Medical Ward Location: 2nd floor Hanna Mulville
25 Infection Control Ward Location: 2nd floor Adele Davies

What are walk in Centres for UK?

Walk-in centres are mostly in big cities and they’re for dealing with urgent problems, usually minor illnesses, things like minor infections or minor cuts and sprains, things like hay fever. They’re run by nurses. You can walk in you don’t have to have an appointment.

Does Arrowe Park Hospital have an A&E?

Department Location The Emergency Department at Arrowe Park Hospital is located on the ground floor of the hospital and is clearly visible from the main car park.

Who is in charge of Arrowe Park Hospital?

Janelle Holmes, Chief Executive.

What is Ward 26 at Arrowe Park Hospital?

Arrowe Park Hospital has acute Medicine for the Elderly beds on four wards and, in addition, a 26 bed Acute Stroke Unit. There are two general rehabilitation wards for older people consisting of a total of 40 to 43 beds, and an active Orthogeriatric Liaison Service.

What is Ward 38 Arrowe Park Hospital?

respiratory ward
Ward 38 is a 37 bedded respiratory ward with 10 lung support unit beds.

Can I go to a walk in Centre for my Covid booster?

You can go to a walk-in clinic without an appointment for your booster, dose 1 or dose 2.

How is Arrowe Park Hospital funded?

We recognise that as a NHS organisation funded by the public purse we have a duty to be transparent and accountable for the money we spend.

How much is parking at Arrowe Park Hospital?

Parking is free for up to 20 minutes and £3.20 thereafter; regardless of how long your stay may be that day. Accessible parking is also available, but a blue badge must be displayed in blue badge bays. Exemption and concession parking needs to go through the relevant Ward or Department Manager.

What happens if I miss my Covid vaccine appointment?

Show What happens if you missed your vaccination appointment? The EVDS will automatically reschedule you for a next appointment and send you an SMS with a date. You will be given three opportunities – the original appointment plus TWO more appointments.

What is the address of Arrowe Park Hospital?

The address of Arrowe Park Hospital is Arrowe Park Road, Wirral, Merseyside CH49 5PE, United Kingdom. The contact number of Arrowe Park Hospital is +44 151 678 5111.

Where can I Park for free at Arrowe Park?

Free parking is available at Victoria Central Walk-in Centre but charges may apply at Arrowe Park Urgent Treatment Centre at Arrowe Park Hospital.

What services does Arrowe provide?

We provide assessment, treatment and advice for minor injuries and illnesses including: Free parking is available at Victoria Central Walk-in Centre but charges may apply at Arrowe Park Urgent Treatment Centre at Arrowe Park Hospital.

What’s new at Arrowe Park?

A new and improved bus interchange has just opened at Arrowe Park to provide even better access for patients, visitors and staff travelling to and from the hospital. Last updated on 23 July 2021.