What is the work of Aegis company?

Aegis Limited operates as a business services provider firm. The Company provides business outsourcing and back office support solutions. Aegis serves banking, finance, telecom, healthcare, travel, hospitality, retail, consumer good, oil, gas, and technology sectors worldwide.

Is Aegis and StarTek are same?

Private equity firm Capital Square Partners, which bought Aegis and merged it with StarTek in 2018, has gone underwater on the deal as it had bought StarTek shares at $12 apiece, and the stock is currently trading at less than $8. CSP owns approximately 55% of the firm.

What kind of company is StarTek?

Startek is a leading global provider of technology-enabled business process outsourcing solutions. The company provides omni-channel customer experience management, back office and technology services to corporations around the world across a range of industries.

Is startek an Indian company?

Colorado-based Startek, which had acquired Indian BPO firm Aegis in 2018, remains bullish on its India business. It employs over 20,000 people across 17 BPO centres in India, including Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai.

Who carried the aegis in the Trojan War?

The aegis (/ˈiːdʒɪs/ EE-jis; Ancient Greek: αἰγίς aigís), as stated in the Iliad, is a device carried by Athena and Zeus, variously interpreted as an animal skin or a shield and sometimes featuring the head of a Gorgon.

What does the aegis inspire?

aegis, also spelled egis, plural aegises or egises, in ancient Greece, leather cloak or breastplate generally associated with Zeus, the king of the gods, and thus thought to possess supernatural power. Zeus’s daughter Athena adopted the aegis for ordinary dress.

Why choose Aegis for BPO services in Malaysia?

Aegis forayed into Malaysia by fully acquiring Symphony BPO services in Kuala Lumpur, a business that went on to grow more than threefold, while retaining the business in nine countries— India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UK, South Africa, Peru and Argentina.

When did Essar buy aegis communication?

Made In India. Build by Essar Since Essar’s acquisition of Aegis Communication in 2003 up to its sale in two successive tranches in 2014 and 2017, Aegis had grown over tenfold to become a significant player in the outsourcing industry.

What is the vision of oil&gas logistics India?

“Our vision is to be Indiau0019s leading provider of logistics services to the oil, gas, and chemical industry. We aspire to be the industry leader in our business segments by delivering superior customer service and a focus on quality, safety, and environmental standards.” more…

Why work with Aegis?

They genuinely care about their clients and go out of their way to ensure not only a job is the right fit, but ensure the clients have the right tools and resources in place to move to that job. I will certainly use Aegis in the future – First Class service from top to bottom.”