What is the wettest month in Slovakia?

Annual rainfall in Slovakia totals around 649 mm (25 in). July is the wettest month with an average of 73mm (2.87in) in 11 rainy days. In general, the period between mid-May and the end of September is the best time to visit Slovakia,.

Does it rain a lot in Bratislava?

It is usually more windy and the nights are colder. October signals the arrival of autumn and it usually rains a lot. The temperatures are not high and it is cloudy most of the time.

Is Slovakia hot in summer?

Shifting into summer around 22nd June, this season of the year tends to be very hot, with tropical days, temperatures well above 30° C during the day, and warm nights. The hottest month is July and Slovakia summers can really earn heat wave, mainly in lowlands around Komárno, Hurbanovo or Štúrovo with 37° C.

What is the coldest month in Slovakia?

The cold season lasts for 3.5 months, from November 19 to March 3, with an average daily high temperature below 45°F. The coldest month of the year in Bratislava is January, with an average low of 27°F and high of 37°F.

What is the most popular food in Slovakia?

10 Traditional Slovak Dishes You Must Try

  • Dumplings with sheep’s cheese (bryndzové halušky)
  • Pierogis stuffed with bryndza (bryndzové pirohy)
  • Cabbage soup (kapustnica)
  • Pork with dumplings and cabbage (vepřo knedlo zelo)
  • Goulash soup (gulášová polievka)
  • Fried cheese with French fries and tartar sauce (vyprážaný syr)

Is Bratislava worth visiting?

Bratislava is definitely worth visiting if you expect to see something new and not expecting much comfort or super touristy attractions like in western europe. Before visiting, you need to understand that it was never meant to be a capital and was not built as one (unlike Prague, Budapest etc).

Is Bratislava safe for tourists?

Bratislava is a safe city to visit. Crime rates are low, even by European standards and violent crime is almost non-existent. Pickpockets are a problem, though much less so than in other European countries and top destinations.

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