What is the structure of leaves?

The basic components of leaves in flowering plants (angiosperms) include the blade, the petiole, and the stipules. There are three main tissues found in leaves: the epidermis, the mesophyll, as well as vascular tissue. Each tissue type is composed of layers of cells.

What are the different parts of a leaf and their functions?

Structure-Function Relationship: Leaves

Name of Structure Structure Function
Pith Parenchyma with vacuoles and plastids Storage, support
Plasmodesmata Openings between sieve tubes connecting cytoplasm Transport of sap
Spongy cells Rounded, widely spaced, near stomata Allow gas exchange
Suberin Waxy molecule Waterproofing

What is the leaf cross section parts?

Cuticle: A waxy layer that prevent water loss by evaporation. The cuticle is transparent and very thin to allow maximum light penetration. Upper Epidermis: A protective layer of cells that produces the cuticle.

What is the stalk that connects the leaf to the stem?

Typically, a leaf consists of a broad expanded blade (the lamina), attached to the plant stem by a stalklike petiole.

Are there any problems with the Sunshine Ligustrum?

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How many terms are in the leaf anatomy?

Leaf Anatomy 35 terms izzyvo Leaf Quiz 43 terms Ashley_Larsen1 Plant 25 terms SirMajesticReh Integumentary System 12 terms orangepeel14

What are the outermost cells of the leaf called?

Q: The outermost layers of cells A: Epidermis 5. Q: The waxy covering of the leaf A: Cuticle 6. Q: These cells function to open and close stomata

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