What is the solidity meaning?

or state of being solid
Definition of solidity 1 : the quality or state of being solid. 2 : something solid.

What kind of word is solidity?

The state or quality of being solid. Moral firmness; validity; truth; certainty.

What is another word for solidity?

What is another word for solidity?

reliability dependability
reliableness dependableness
solidness responsibility
sureness soundness
constancy steadiness

What is solidity in blockchain?

Solidity is an object-oriented programming language created specifically by the Ethereum Network team for constructing and designing smart contracts on Blockchain platforms. It’s used to create smart contracts that implement business logic and generate a chain of transaction records in the blockchain system.

What is business solidity?

Solidity is the most popular functional scripting language for developing smart contracts. Proposed by Gavin Wood (former CTO of Ethereum), and developed by a dedicated team of blockchain developers, it is the main language used to program smart contracts on Ethereum Virtual Machines.

What is the opposite of solidity?

Opposite of the quality or state of being reliable, dependable or trustable. dodginess. unreliability. dishonesty. inconstancy.

What is the antonym of solidity?

Antonyms for solidity. dodginess. [chiefly British], unreliability.

How do you use the word jeopardize?

Jeopardize sentence example

  1. I’m not about to jeopardize my job by asking all kinds of questions.
  2. At the same time, he couldn’t jeopardize the underworld more.
  3. A healthy relationship is one in which you feel secure and your partner does not engage in behaviors that would jeopardize the relationship.

How do you write jeopardize?

verb (used with object), jeop·ard·ized, jeop·ard·iz·ing. to put in jeopardy; hazard; risk; imperil: He jeopardized his life every time he dived from the tower.

What does the term relative mean in relative density?

Relative-density meaning The ratio of the density of a substance to the density of water at the same temperature.