What is the shortest Shakespeare play?

The Comedy of Errors

Why doesn’t Hamlet kill Claudius when the king is kneeling and praying?

Hamlet does not kill Claudius when he assumes that he is praying because he doesn’t want Claudius to have the luxury of going to heaven while his father, unjustly murdered, suffers in hell. He doesn’t want to do Claudius the “favor” of sending him to heaven.

What language do the witches speak in Macbeth?

In Macbeth, the witches speak in rhymed couplets most of the time: The weird sisters, hand in hand, Posters of the sea and land, Other times, they speak in unrhymed iambic tetrameter.

Why does Shakespeare use iambic pentameter in Romeo and Juliet?

In Romeo and Juliet, blank verse is sometimes juxtaposed with rhyming iambic pentameter and prose to emphasize differences in characters and class. For example, nobility such as Juliet’s parents and Romeo and Juliet themselves often deliver lines in blank verse.

Who did Romeo first love before Juliet?


What meter is Romeo and Juliet?

iambic pentameter