What is the shortest MRT line in Singapore?

The North East MRT line
The North East MRT line (NEL) is a high-capacity Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) line in Singapore. Operated by SBS Transit, it is the shortest MRT line at 20 kilometres (12 mi)….North East MRT line.

North East line
Owner Land Transport Authority
Locale Singapore
Termini HarbourFront Punggol Punggol Coast (2024)
Stations 16 1 (Under construction)

How many MRT lines are there in Singapore?

Today, more than 130 stations across six MRT lines span the island.

How many stations are there in North South Line?

27 stations
The North-South Line: Singapore’s first MRT line The 27 stations along the 45km line serves a large number of mature residential estates and takes commuters from Jurong East to Marina South Pier.

What is the longest MRT line in Singapore?

East-West Line
East-West Line: East meets west and beyond. Crossing the island from Tuas Link to Pasir Ris, and measuring about 57km, the East-West Line (EWL) is the longest train line in operation in Singapore.

Why is North not capital?

one-north is the only MRT station starting without a capital letter. Bonus fact: people say that one-north was named as such because Singapore is located one degree north of the equator. Though why the name was given to that particular part of the island, nobody knows.

Is Caldecott MRT open?

The CCL station opened in 2011. In 2012, Caldecott was announced to be an interchange with the TEL….Caldecott MRT station.

CC17 TE9 Caldecott 加利谷 கால்டிகாட் Caldecott
Disabled access Yes
Opened 8 October 2011 (Circle line) 28 August 2021 (Thomson–East Coast line)
Electrified Yes

Which is the second MRT line in Singapore?

The East West line
The East West line (EWL) is a high-capacity Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) line operated by SMRT, running from Pasir Ris station in the east to Tuas Link station in the west, with an additional branch between Changi Airport and Tanah Merah stations. It is the second Mass Rapid Transit line to be built in Singapore.