What is the scenic route in Tennessee?

Great River Road actually stretches across ten states as a series of scenic byways. Although it cracks state lines, the road in Tennessee runs down Highway 61 just south of Memphis and through to Mississippi. It’s known as the, “Blues Highway,” traveled by legends like Elvis Presley and BB King.

Where can I drive to in Tennessee?

Scenic Roadways

  • 1 – Great River Road. The is the oldest scenic byway in North America.
  • 3 – Tennessee River Trail.
  • 5 – Cumberland Historic.
  • 7 – Ocoee River Byway.
  • 9 – Cherohala Skyway.
  • 2 – Woodlands Trace.
  • 4 – Natchez Trace.
  • 6 – Historic Walton Road.

Where is the Sequatchie Valley?

Southeast Tennessee
The Sequatchie Valley is a narrow divide between Tennessee’s South Cumberland and Walden’s Ridge. An overlook area located along TN-111 North, offers a stunning perspective on this unique geologic feature in Southeast Tennessee.

Is Tennessee a Western state?

Tennessee, constituent state of the United States of America. It is located in the upper South of the eastern United States and became the 16th state of the union in 1796.

What state has the best roads in the US?

Top 10 States With the Best Roads and Highways

  • #1. Kansas. Thanks to its recent funding increase and overall improvements, the great state of Kansas lands at the top of our list.
  • #2. Alabama.
  • #3. North Dakota.
  • #4. Kentucky.
  • #5. Florida.
  • #6. Idaho.
  • #7. New Hampshire.
  • #8. Georgia.

What state has the most beautiful woman?

Connecticut tops the chart as the state with the most beautiful women while Manhattan, NY is the number one city.

Where is the Cumberland Plateau?

Cumberland Plateau, westernmost of three divisions of the Appalachian Mountains, U.S., extending southwestward for 450 miles (725 km) from southern West Virginia to northern Alabama.

Is Dunlap TN on the Cumberland Plateau?

Dunlap is located at 35°22′38″N 85°23′18″W (35.377236, -85.388455). The city is located near the center of Sequatchie Valley, a narrow, 65-mile (105 km) long valley that slices through the Cumberland Plateau in southeastern Tennessee and northeastern Alabama.